TO GROW YOUR BROWS! are meant to be sisters not twins - someone once said. Well mine arent even related sometimes!! By the time im done making them look i look like bert and ernies sister. its time to GROW THE BROWS OUT and LET THEM LIVE! of all, This DIY SERUM is SUPER CHEAP, of all, it takes less than a few minutes to make importantly of all, IT WORKS!! ALSO CAN BE USED ON LASHES! (and this recipe with a few tweaks can be used for a million other things! STAY TUNED FAM I GOT SO MANY VIDS coming for you!) i need diys to be efficient, and multi purpose, because, first of all, aint nobody got time fo dat, and second of all, efficiency = saving time = more time for snacks netflix. have stopped filling in my brows and i ONLY WEAR THIS On natural make up days I ONLY WEAR THIS on my LASHES BROWS! (Kinda like how I am in this vid!) it also works as a HEALTHY HAIR GROWING BROW AND LASH GELMASCARA! U NEED: CUP WATER TBSP FLAXSEEDS fibers are OPTIONAL add some in to help in while having this serum on.. once your brows grow out you dont need them.. Toppix = $8 at SALLYS (again optional) water to pot