Where are you from and what do you or dont you like about it? Im plotting a 1,000 mile move and Im ITCHING to blow this popsicle stand. I love Northeastern Indiana when Im on my dads boat fishing. I dont like the standard of living here. And I dont necessarily mean people are poor and dirty, but the general consensus of thoughts and ideologies. The midwestern but still Bible Belt-y way of life. Ever since I got hip to international travel, I dont think I can ever stay in just one place my entire life. I need to see everything. I need to make my world bigger, my thoughts more open, my life more understanding and less judgemental. I am not just an American, I am a child of the Earth. I was lucky enough to be born into a white American family that set me up with a life where I have the access and ability to travel. Why should I waste that?! So many people will never get to leave the USA , let alone their home town. My family discourages me from leaving because thats less time with them...but I couldnt live with myself if I made my experiences smaller to appease someone else. Sorry for rambling I just love your guys feedback when I post this kind of stuff