I love to fill my practice with the most challenging poses I can handle because it makes me let go of every single thought and completely surrender to the present moment. I zone in to every sensation I am feeling both mentally and physically. When I try something new it almost guaranteed I will be faced with a mental block. I get scared, tell myself all the negative things, and list the reasons in my head why I can do something. Then I take a moment to laugh at myself for almost giving into fear. I roll my mat back out and try again and again as I simply breathe through the fear until I get to a place I never been, explore how my body feels in a pose that I never felt, and settle in with a smile on face. Getting through these mental blocks makes me feel inspired and motivated for the rest of the day. And I try my best to apply this practice to every aspect of my life. Wearing all @aloyoga #aloyoga #yoga #yogaflow @rosigolan