How to: Kick up to handstand Kicking up to handstand is the easy part, staying up there may require a separate post If youre learning to handstand using the kick up method rather than the pressing method that I have suggested in the past then hopefully these tips might help . - Turn hands outwards slightly if your shoulders andor wrists are tight. - Hands directly under shoulders or slightly narrower. - Eyes of elbows rotating forward. - Upper arms drawing towards eachother. - Shoulders protracted and elevated. - Dont even begin to kick up until shoulders are stacked over hands. - Gaze can be wherever you feel comfortable, I prefer between my thumbs or slightly forward. - Inhale to prepare and exhale to execute . - . Next, choose your kick up method. Everyone is different and learns differently but these two methods are what works for most. People seem to freak out about banana backs when learning to handstand, to the best of my knowledge no one has ever died from a banana back! I doubt youll be holding it long enough for a banana back to leave any lasting damage. But as you progress and learn youll figure out how to improve your alignment. But first work out how youre gonna get up there then work on staying there. It doesnt have to look perfect while youre only learning so ignore the perfectionist rules and learn your own way! . 1. Stag leg kick up - This was my favourite way to kick up when I was learning. I fel

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