How to: Use a wall to press to handstand. Ok we all know my love of the wall and I have no idea why learning to press at the wall gets up peoples nerves so much but all the more reason to keep doing it eh Its been taught in gymnastics this way for donkeys years so if its good enough for them then thats good enough for me! There is a beginner and a more advanced way to do this, Ive numbered them 1 2 in the pic. The subtle difference is the beginner version lets the upper back rest against the wall and advanced just crown of head. Here are some cues that work for me. 1. Beginner version - turn hands outwards slightly if you need it. - set up the shoulders the same way you would die handstand (see previous posts) - have your hands approx a hands distance from the wall. But play with the distance as it will depend on the length and flexibility of your back and legs. - keep them shoulder width apart but you know what slightly wider while learning can be a little easier but dont tell anyone I said that cos I would be hung in the alignment court - round upper back and gently press back of head and upper back against wall. - come right up to tippy toes - lean into the wall and lift hips - legs relaxed, theyll spring up with your hips so forget about what theyre doing. - legs are slightly wider than hands and about a foot behind my hands. (Again this will depend on your flexibility, play with it) - slowly roll hips up and

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