How to: Use a wall to handstand. For those that are brand new to a handstand practice then I promise you this is the safest, easiest and most reliable way to learn how to handstand. (Did I mention its also the toughest It may take you a little longer to learn to free handstand but youll be a million years ahead of the kicker uppers that just hope for the best Im not saying any other way to learn is good, bad or whatever its just different and this is my favourite way to teach it. Especially when you have a class full of dangerous weapons aka students ready to kick up and land on their neighbour Using the wall by facing the wall can be scary Especially if you lack strength for it. Build up in stages. Dont rush to go all the way to the top without having a strong foundation in the shoulders. Even going half way up is enough to build the right foundation. So a 5 minute practice every day like this will do wonders for your handy practice. I think the diagram is fairly self explanatory however theres one obvious cue that people fail to use when using the wall. Please please dont pull your legs away from the wall pull HIPS away. I assure you your legs are stuck to your hips so theyll come all by themselves if you just focus on what your hips are doing. Move slowly and keep shoulders stacked. I have also included a video on exiting, stack some cushions behind you and tuck the chin and roll if you need to or if youre feeling

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