How to: Straddle press to handstand using a strap. As you get comfortable using the wall to practice your pressing then this is a really good transitional step. The strap gets as much stick as the wall does but I really dont care, it worked for me and it may or may not work for you but isnt it worth trying? Ill take all the help I can get at this age So whats the issue with using a strap you might ask..... well firstly you have to push your arms outwards which is not how you would press minus a strap. You would be pulling arms inwards. Once you realise this and balance your press practice using alternative methods then go for it! It wont ruin your life and it feels damn well amazing! The strap Im using here is an infinity strap but you can use any strap or belt, just make a loop wide enough that it keeps your arms shoulder width. Set up exactly how Ive explained in my previous posts regarding shoulders. Lean forward, draw hips up and come right up onto your tippy toes, if you feel nervous to straddle press then you could lift one leg at a time and try a puppy press. Forget about going all the way to handstand if youre just learning and focus on just lifting the hips. Make sure strap is above elbows and press arms hard into the strap moving outwards. The strap helps keep the shoulders stable. Try not to lean forward too much and if you feel youre bending your arms, then dont worry but engage your triceps as much as you can and re

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