Beginners guide: Puppy press to #handstand ------------------------------------ Puppy press was and still is one of my toughest presses. (Theyre all feckin impossible to be fair But I can see how this can be an entry press for those working on pressing. Even if youre working on handstand and struggling to get your hips up and stacked then using the wall like in my video (top right)is a brilliant way to learn. Using the wall rather than blocks is a far more accessible approach to learning puppy press because youre forced to push away rather than lift up, which is really tough when youre new to this transition. Pushing away from the wall from the side Is a really cool way to feel the press too and anyone thats afraid of kicking up to handstand then please try this! It willshould feel so Good! The tricky part is finding the right distance between hands and wall, try and be a leg length away. Set up shoulders and arms as per my previous post or see highlight stories on handstand tips. Your leg on the wall can be however high you need it to be gradually decreasing that height as you get stronger. Press that leg into the wall pushing hips over shoulders, then bend at the knee on the free leg and draw a big circle with that knee drawing it to the side ribcage. Twerk it! Stick the butt out! Keep pressing into the floor and use those cambered hands to keep you balanced and you never know you may even be able to gently remove that foot f

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