Beginners guide; Pick up and jump back So..... I am 100% no expert in this area! But Im just sharing whats worked for me to get me to where i am right now. Which is jumping back with socks If youre looking for the super duper jumper backers youre on the wrong page But hopefully the tips I have so far will help After my 8 weeks of sloth life I really wasnt sure I would even be able to manage this so I surprised myself to be honest. And it is worth pointing out that I didnt lose any sleep or no one died because I couldnt jump back so really its not a life changing transition. But it sure is fun to work on and if you ever join an ashtanga class they do come in handy (if youre allowed use props But at least knowing how to approachattempt it will help. Using socks or blocks or both here will help 1. Cross your legs at the shins (not ankles) lean back, flex toes(I find pointing them makes my legs too long to pull back between my arms and trust me I dont have long legs Round the back and protract shoulders. Keep hands wider than hips. 2. Press hands into the floor just front of the hips. Draw knees tightly into the chest. 3. Lean forward and pick up hips. Kick feet out in front of you first then draw feet back under you. So what if youre feet skim or even rest on the floor. Youre only learning so just do what works until you get stronger 4. Lean chest forward, keep lifting

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