How to: Jump to crow Jumping to crow is an incredibly important life skill. I mean how do people ever get through their daily lives not knowing how to execute this transition Its literally life changing, you will not even realise just how crucial this is until you master it. Imagine doing your grocery shopping or even your housework and being able to jump to crow. Utterally life changing Hope you get the point Im trying to make here, its no big deal if you can or cant do this its not going to change your life but it is a great fun way to workout and even attempting it builds alot of strength that lends itself very well to other workouts. The difference between the beginner and advanced version is in the begginer version you spring forward and the advanced version you spring upwards with the hips. 1. Starting in down dog. 2. Soften knees, come onto tippy toes. 3. Stabilise the shoulders, be conscious of not letting the shoulders drift past the wrists. If youre doing the beginner version then keep arms bent alot and a little wider than shoulder width, turn hands outwards a little. Spring forward staying close to the floor. Dont think about jumping upwards think forward and low. Doing the advanced version you need to fire up the shoulders and triceps here. Keep them as solid and stable as you can. Keep the hands shoulder width apart here too. As you jump up with the hips pull knees towards chest. 4. As you spr

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