How to: Supported headstand. This was the very first pose where I found my inflated ego. When I started Yoga I could barely touch my toes but boy could I rock a headstand with ease so I went hunting for classes that had headstand in them so I could feel part of the cool gang even if I couldnt touch my toes Headstand is a super accessible pose for everyone, no matter how weak or inflexible you think you are, headstand is still doable with the right approach. 1. Clasp hands - an open hand grip or closed hand grip. Whatever works for you but I highly recommend trying both! 2. Round upper back - place crown of head on floor between forearms. Gently squeeze head with your forearms. 3. Push elbows down - as hard as you can! Dont let shoulders sink forward. As you push elbows down you should almost feet your head come off the floor. 4. Curl toes under- lift knees and walk feet in as close as you can to your face. Stack hips and a little twerk here helps too The closer you get the feet the easier it is. Never kick into a headstand. Dont let your spine round too much keep trying to find length in your spine. This is where sticking the butt out behind you helps. If you lack flexibility the little tuck hop is really accessible. The key here is elbows pushing down and hips stacked or even behind you. Everything else will fall into place Play with all entries I have shown here but go as slow as you possibly c

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