How to: Jumpfloat back to chaturanga If youve ever taken an ashtanga class youll know all about these Theyre a killer after the 400th attempt But the biggest mistake I see is people jumping back to plank first (ouch on the toes!) I know lots of teachers that give that cue for beginners to jump back to plank first then lower to chaturanga but personally its not one I like at all. Your elbows are locked and if you lack any strength at all then you could easily damage your shoulders, lower back and even your poor toes! Heres some tips that might help: 1. Take it slow, lean forward as much as you can coming right up to your tippy toes and now envision the chaturanga. Imagine youre in it already. Think chest low and forward, elbows drawing in. 2. As you lean forward, lift hips, this can be a gentle hop or a float. You can even kick up one heel at a time. Whatever works. 3. Send hips back. The legs will follow. Keep feet close to the floor no need for a big giant jump. Imagine theyre sliding backwards an inch from the floor. 4. Finish in chaturanga. If you have a strong chaturanga then this is 100% doable! Start with the end in mind. Dont overthink it. Even if you lack flexibility (hello cement hamstrings bend the arms or knees, no big deal. It doesnt matter how it looks! Hope this helps L Have a great weekend everyone Im off to the Good Living Day in @ballymaloe_grainstor

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