Jump to handstand Even if you cant hold a solid handstand it is still very doable to introduce some handstand tuck jumps to your practice. Except for pike jumps theyre just torture and reserved for the superhuman yogis (aka after all these years I still cant do them Ive demoed some options for you all to try. 1. Using a ball or a mini trampoline or whatever you can find that gives you a little hoosh 2. Using a head support and a little momentum. Remember no smashing your head off the support! If you dont have a footrest like this you can try a pillow at the edge of your bed or a rolled up mat against the wall. Just make sure you have space for your hips to go past your head. 3. Same as above but doing a pike jump legs together. 4. Tuck jump free standing Some tips- dont even give your legs a second thought focus on your hips and getting them over your head. Look forward as you jump. A huge mistake I see is people jumping too soon. They jump before hips are anywhere near stacked! Imagine there is a band tied around your hips dragging them up and over your head. Your feet will follow! Using the head support do try to keep your shoulders over your hands. Dont let them sink forward. Hope this helps L #yoga #handstand #catshandstandtips

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