Drills for press prep Waiting patiently for this snow storm Ireland is meant to get It better live up to the hype! I tried to buy bread today and was told it was sold out (I was buying for a friend, I wouldnt dream of touching the stuff Its like the apocalypse is coming For those that asked me for some drills on gaining strength for pressing and holding a #handstand then these are your friend (or enemy depending on how you view drills 1. Puppy press jumps- start with your side body facing the wall and hands about a leg length away from the wall. Set up your shoulders and arms like Ive explained in all my previous handstand posts. Tuck one knee into your side rib cage. Keep hips high and start with some gentle hops to touch the wall with your opposite foot. Gradually getting higher and higher each time until eventually your leg is high enough to extend to straddle. Maybe even contemplating pressing away from the wall Or maybe not but keep working on these and itll happen 2. Straddle jumps - same as above except straighten both legs 3. Cartwheel prep - for those that need some work on their handstand bailing technique then this might help. Pressing away from the wall might just be a good starting point to learn cartwheel. Make sure the hand further away from the wall turns inwards slightly. And get those hips up and over your he

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