How to : press to handstand using blocks Before I begin i should start with one major disclaimer; I am nowhere near ever being a handstand press expert so please dont expect this to be the yoga bible page! Yoga police can chill out now What I am trying to share here is what Ive learned through learning these skills myself. If you want expert advice then go read a book. Straddle press to handstand was and still is a struggle for me. I swear I can do it no problem once a day at the very beginning of my practice when Im not warned up, if Im remotely warmed up then it just wont happen. To be fair I am a very lazy presser I dont give it the time it deserves.... I love when it happens and I couldnt give a hoot when it doesnt. Anyway someone asked me what my thoughts are on using blocks under the feet and my honest answer is it never worked for me. I know why it didnt - because I lack flexibility. I rely on upper body strength for pressing. You can even see when I press that my hips arent as stacked as some tutorials would make you bekeiev they need to be. If I was flexible then they would stack. Hence why I prefer the strap for learning to press. My advice is if youre flexible then this is a great approach and if youre not then give the strap a try. 1. Using a block or even something higher under each foot. I have my blocks about shoulder width apart. Squeeze thighs to belly. 2. I have a weird cue that helps me here,

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