Inhale lift up. Exhale jump back. If only it really were that easy! I spent years learning to jump through and jump back. It takes time, patience and dedication. Because of my own journey the vinyasas are one of the things I love to teach. If you struggling with a pose, you be an amazing teacher of it one day. Whatever comes naturally will be so much harder to share with others. _ We have so much Ashtanga Yoga on my channel @omstarsofficial with some truly awesome teachers whose level of knowledge and practice is unparalleled. In fact OmStars is probably the best place for online resources to support your Ashtanga journey. While online instruction can replace the magic of practicing with a qualified teacher, it can provide immense support for the often lonely journey of being a student, especially if you practice at home, alone. _ My Primary Series course on is the most thorough of any Ashtanga course you find with me anywhere online. It also the only one that offers you the full depth of my knowledge and experience in the world of yoga. And of course it lives on my own channel so it means so much to me when you practice with me here! _ This Marichasana C is just an average day of practice, jump through, take the pose, breath five times, jump back. No frills, nothing fancy. Just practice. And guess what I just filmed here in Tulum at this beautiful spot? _ It was super windy, so much so the wind pushed me off balanc