I wish I was at home asleep with this little Mortimer. I am so not a fan of 4 am wake-up times. Mortimer might be cutest peeg in the world though so Ill just watch him sleep . . . . Anyway, I also have to make a couple things clear about the issues that came up this morning. First of all, there is no way The Pipsqueakery, as a registered 501c3, can transfer money donated to The Pipsqueakery to a private individual for the benefit of that private individuals pet. I can refund donors since we are no longer able to help that guinea pig, but I cannot give away Pipsqueakery money. Additionally, I could not do it in good conscience because I have zero way of knowing if said vet is able to treat the guinea pigs very complex health issues adequately. Dental disease is brutal and very expensive. We have 6 sanctuary guinea pigs here with dental disease and its a huge deal to make sure they are getting proper care. There are numerous vet visits, expensive imaging, hours and hours of syringe feeding at all times of the day and night (thankfully Jason stays home with them), and a lot of worry since they are under anaesthesia all of the time. It takes a really specialized vet to handle that, and The Pipsqueakery has no way of determining which vets are capable of treating it. We wish everyone all the best in this sad situation and wish we had the opportunity to do more. I hope you all understand that while we hope for the best here we are no longer able to have any control of