So I said to myself, keep moving slower. Calm the chaos of the mind. Keep down shifting until you can make sense of it all. For years and years I ran from this. I think apart of me didnt want to know what was really going on in the chamber of the brain and how it communicated to the heart and vs. vs. I ran for as long as I could. I ran until one day it appeared that life pulled the emergency brake up and everything from the back seat was catapulted into my lap. Yoga did not just help me slow down physically but it fed me small bits for understanding but most importantly allowance. If your going through something, if yoga has come to you and your questioning how to start. As basic as that may sound, you do just that. First step is a willingness, second step is a action. There is know rush or race. When yoga is let in it has the ability to heal. Step on the mat and take your medicine. #bethechange