150 PIGS RESCUED FROM FIRE _ These poor babies almost burned to death. Thank you to these heroes for rescuing them from this barn fire . _ People in society have a real disconnect as most people who watch this video will feel happy and relieved that these babies were saved while also having a fridge full of bacon. Cant you see that youre sadly the villain of these stories? As these animals only exist to be killed for your appetite but we sadly cant rescue them from your fork and knife #OutOfTheFireIntoTheFryingPan . _ Please #MakeTheConnection as it really is as simple as this - if you couldnt pick up a knife and kill these babies yourself in order to feast on their flesh and forget about it five minutes later, then why continue to pay others to do what you yourself could never do? _ Youre a good person born into a cruel world but you are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in so please #BeTheChange you wish to see in the world. _ The #meat #egg and #dairy industries are baby-killer industries as they kill piglets, lambs, calves and chicks daily. Nobody in their right mind would support such evil in their hearts but most people support it every day with their wallets. Please think of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight as if you change nothing, nothing will change. Together we can create a kinder world . _ Caption @a_lallie Video #Repost @RT