EXOTIC PET TRADE - SLOW LORIS _ Horrific! Imagine having your teeth pulled out with pliers with no anaesthesia . _ The slow lorises of #Indonesia are critically endangered and at serious risk of #extinction and the greatest threat to their survival is the #IllegalWildlifeTrade _ Their huge brown eyes and soft fur make these small nocturnal primates highly prized as #ExoticPets and the victim of an online craze created by cute YouTube videos of people tickling their slow loris pets _ Thousands of slow lorises are abducted from the wild and illegally sold on the streets or in animal markets. They are also often used as photo props for tourist traps. _ Their teeth are pulled by the traders to prevent their toxic bite and to make them easier to handle, resulting in the death of many of them from blood loss or infection before they are sold. _ If you see captive slow lorises while travelling in Asia, contact the authorities as its illegal. Also contact @International_Animal_Rescue as they have a fantastic primate rescue and rehabilitation centre on the island of Java, which specialises in slow lorises. _ Caption @a_lallie Video #Repost @dp4k.m via @exposing_animal_abuse