EXOTIC PET TRADE - SLOW LORIS _ Following on from my previous post, they are #NotPets but selfish human demand to have them abducted from their families in the wild and kept as pets will make them EXTINCT within the next 5 years unless the world acts to stop this insanity now #TicklingIsTorture _ These pets also have their teeth viciously pulled out as youll have seen on my previous post. They are terrified of humans and understandably so. They want to be in their rainforest habitat. Not in human houses. People need to stop focusing on what they want and instead think about what animals need. _ Please support the work of @International_Animal_Rescue who work tirelessly to rescue them from this abuse. They also do fantastic work rescuing #orangutan victims of the #exoticpet trade as well as those who have lost their homes as a result of #ConflictPalmOil _ Caption @a_lallie Video via @newsbeatsocial