Look how broken and defeated this rescued elephant looks after a lifetime of abuse _ To the thousands of people happily posting their #ElephantRide pics and vids using this tag - dont you care about the unimaginable suffering these poor beings have to endure for your amusement? _ Walk instead as animals are not our slaves. Elephants are taken from their families, go through #phajaan where they are beaten into submission with bull hooks, deprived of food, shackled in chains and they spend their lives carrying ignorant tourists around in the heat until they eventually collapse and die of dehydration or exhaustion. _ If you genuinely didnt know, well now you do, so please spread the word to boycott #elephantrides as animals deserve better _ Caption @a_lallie Video #Repost @dp4k.m via @cristinakitty11 _ FINALLY SHE CAN LIVE IN PEACE _