#PeaceBeginsOnYourPlate . _ A lot of #animallovers say things like its ok to eat animals but they shouldnt be abused or suffer and should be killed humanely _ However cant you see how theyre all abused and all suffer as theyve been born just to be killed? How we have selfishly decided the purpose of their lives before they have even taken their first breath? How the meat industry is the biggest animal abuse industry on the planet? _ How they have been brought into existence just to have their freedom stolen, their babies stolen and ultimately their lives stolen years before their natural lifespan all so that humans can feast on their flesh and forget about it five minutes later? How we factory farm sentient animals as if theyre inanimate iPhones? How none of this can ever be considered natural? _ Theres also no such thing as humane slaughter and to senselessly kill animals for meals nobody even NEEDS to survive is the ultimate act of inhumanity. Its immoral. To people its just a meal but to that animal, it was LIFE itself. It was all they had. _ Animals dont have a choice in any of this but if you think eating them is a choice, then why would you choose to be cruel? Please think about it. Please think about them _ Caption @a_lallie Video #Repost @mercyforanimals Think about it