#MakeTheConnection _ My page is for everyone no matter what you eat or believe. I dont judge or blame. I enlighten. I raise awareness of the suffering and cruelty we inflict on the most innocent, vulnerable beings on our planet through our choices. I plant seeds of awareness to help raise consciousness. _ So question - if these animals e.g. cute cuddly baby lambs were in front of you right now, could you ignore their loving nature and trusting eyes and pick up a knife and kill them for the sake of your appetite? _ Slaughterhouse workers could. Hunters could as hunters have first-hand experience of killing animals, bleeding them out, gutting them, skinning them and chopping up their flesh into pieces but could you? _ I couldnt. I wouldnt even harm a fly let alone kill an animal and thats why I dont pay others to do what I could never do. I believe that most people are good and kind like me and couldnt do it either. So why pay others to? Surely no taste in the world is worth the suffering of others. _ Youre a good person born into a cruel world where atrocities towards innocent animals have been normalised but you are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in #VoteWithYourLifestyle #BeTheChange #ChooseCompassion #BeKind #PeaceBeginsOnYourPlate . _ Caption @a_lallie Video @animalequality