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Today I was kinda on one - Crushing the bidness game to the max and at the same time playing with some new creative sequencing that @casa_colibri and I are strumming together for some upcoming workshops, online class filming and ytt - Next stop, is @miamilifecenter In the middle of February after we film with @omstarsofficial - I already know of some beautiful souls coming and I honestly can wait! We still have room in the 4 workshops. So if your in the neighborhood or feel like coming for a weekend intensive, you can check the link in my profile bio or go to for the details. - Music @kellen_nguyen - #gracefulstrength - #handstand #movement #movementculture #moderndance #myart #yogalover #yogafit #onedayatatime #practicepracticepractice #traveltheworld #yogaworkshop #miamibeach #miamiyoga #venicebeach #losangeles #weekendvibes

I met this man in the valet parking last night, he was flustered, but so thrilled to meet me. He told me it was his first day, everyone called out, he was alone, he can drive stick so, my car was just right out front. I stayed to talk to him for a good minute. I learned that it was his first job. Which let just say, he was well seasoned, and at my age, I don know how many jobs I had.- I was intrigued.- He said he just had too much time on his hands. I asked him, why valet? He said he likes to meet people and he lived walking distance. - He then looked at me and said, had a hard year. - The fast forward of memories flooded my brain. All the places I taught, traveled, the people I met, the laughs, food and the tears. - I said to him I think it was year. I changed a lot. And I think now I am finally ready to break through these walls I placed from past trauma. - This man said. stuck in your body - I are right - he should move - I smiled. - He smiled bright, I thought for a second, this man just didn seem real. He seemed like an angel. I left feeling capable, for the fact I voiced something that has kept me smothered. - Thank you kind man of the valet parking lot.- Music @kellen_nguyen - #gracefulstrength - #caligirl #weekendvibes #losangeles #venicebeach #bikini #sunsoutbu

Swirling, Swirling, Swirling. - My thoughts are way past words today. - So when I over heard someone say, your mind, in here, in this space, it a compliment. - One breath at a time, I breathed the thoughtformations straight out.- Connecting, feeling, reaching for a power greater than myself to show the way, release the messages, and shine the light. - I am heavy today. And that ok. - #gracefulstrength - Music @adam22gil You know you are my lover - Leo - @pirate.flo - Sox- prolly TJmax- #movementtherapy #ninja #vibes #artiststudio #myart #bethechange #feelthefeelings #mylover #yogalover #martialarts #onedayatatime #soberissexy #handstand #recovery #venicebeach #losangeles

A smidge bit of hip opening this evening... well tis true, getting into dem hips can get kinda weird. - Mad love to @turtlelccrew for creating this epic song about my life called Starter - Top @buffbunny - Shorts - @mikayogawear - Sox - the 80 - Tagging cuz y asked me too - #gracefulstrength - #hiphop #undergroundhiphop #movement #bgirl #losangeles #handstand #calisthenics #yogalover #80sfashion

Pages... - The pages, I say I would write.- The pages, I in fact have written.- There the ones that spill out.- Then the ones that are gut wretchingly pulled from the pit of my stomach. - I have so many books filled with so many words, paintings, drawings, ticket stubs, love letters... well my life.- I am learning about myself more this year than the years prior. It was like all the work I had done to get today, is boiling over. Missing pieces, lost items, new beginnings... When I got sober, I didn just shed a symptom. I unveiled myself. And bit by bit as the layers melt away and I find more of myself. I like some, actually I in love with parts, while others, well, there some hard bits to chew on. - But, I continue to show up, do the work and trust why people, places and things are here along my path with me. - This is some of the toughest things I chewed on to date. It feels to be the bottom of the barrel, the leftover murky waters that I have been dodging my whole life. And while I show up for you all here everyday. This is me, this is my truth. I am a human taking one step at a time. - #gracefulstrength - #pages #meditation #movement #art #life #myart #artiststudio #bethechange #yogalover #recovery #onedayatatime #soberissexy #venicebeach #losangeles #handstand

First of all...THANK YOU!- Thank you to the hundreds of people that applied to the Jan 2019 200HR YTT scholarship program that myself and @casa_colibri are offering.- Thank you for all of the effort and energy and heart that was poured into those applications. It was an honor reading your entries.- Thank you for your patience as we tackled the nearly impossible task of deciding who would receive next years heavily discounted spot in the training. We wanted to give it to every one of you. - Thank you for understanding that simply isnt possible (yet), and for having patience as we continue to build upon this scholarship program and hopefully open new slots in the future. - So many people shared their stories with us over the last few weeks. So many souls deserve this, and please dont forget that if you applied!- But in the end...we had to pick A big CONGRATS to Kira Collings @kiracollings !- You will be joining us for 24 days in JanFeb of 2019 to receive a 200HR Yoga Teacher Training at @floretreatcenter in Costa Rica.- The effort that you put into your application, your attention to detail, and everything you have achieved thus far in your short, but busy life just blew us out of the water. We know this opportunity will spread from you to many others and for that, we are already grateful.- We cannot wait to meet and grow with you, as well as all of the other fabulous beings signed up for this training (and future ones). Its

As I find space to explore, each day that I get to in movement. I realized that not one is like the last. The creative language of movement tells a story, it describes how the inner layers of ones being feels. For me, I learning today, that power comes in the form of surrender. And as I work towards letting things go of my past, sometimes it stopping the resistance of immediately believing I should run in the opposite direction of my old behavioral patterns. I found consciously sitting in them, actually increases my chances of change. So for today I will surrender to them. - #gracefulstrength - Shorts @segrasoul - #bethechange #weekendvibes #yogalover #movement #yogatherapy #recovery #onedayatatime #venicebeach #losangeles

After spending most of the day sitting at my desk, editing the next batch of @authentic_movements online classes, all I wanted to do was lay on my wood table thing...- Which always turns into a bit more but the end result was the same. - Still in the cave, until this project is done, and fingers crossed... I will export the bundle of classes for Starting a Yoga Practice means it won be uploaded to site just yet but this means my side of the job is DONE! - For meow, back at it. #handlinzeebidness - And ps. How long has it been since Sir Rufus has graced us with his presence - And pps. He on a diet ... AGAIN... I know he puffy. It a work in progress - #gracefulstrength - #turnup #gettingshitdone #mondaymotivation #yogalove #yogateacher #catoftheday #venicebeach #losangeles #puravida

I had this person the other day say, listen to me, I didn mean to hurt you - My response, without fully hearing, was ok I was forced to hear the same words again. Then I said, truly appreciate that, I hear you. - However, it wasn really that with me. Although I was happy to have the action acknowledged. There continues to be huge holes in communication with this particular friend and my feelings remain hurt. - Maybe this person didn mean to hurt me, but was that heshe intention? The intention of not hurting? Was I even taken into consideration? Seeing that the same actions or similar actions are still being done.- Often times and I guilty of it, in yoga class the teacher says, an intention and I don always. - But our intentions lead to our actions. So this week, every time I have an opportunity to set one I do. Even if it basic and not fully detailed. - It our responsibility to show others how we want to be treated. Realize our own actions effect others and at the same time our reactions do too. - Bring the attention to our intention.- Song @maxchalant What Next- Top- #thriftstorefinds - Bottoms - @lotustribeclothing - #gracefulstrength - #animalflow #movement #yogatherapy #yogalover #handstand #onedayatatime #soberissexy #fitchicks #ninja #beachvibes #venicebeach #losangeles

As we are taught more and more to take up space, own where we stand, and listen to our authentic nature, I so often see controversial issues brought up with out any true backing of the opinions stated.- Which leads me to believe that these issues are brought up merely for the intention of attention, masked with the idea that one is worldly, but yet when questioned... it crickets. - If you believe in something so much so, then make it known and stand up for what you are saying. Be ready to receive some backlash or even just thoughtful disagreement.- Today a company reached out to me for a paid sponsorship for clothing. I nicely declined stating that I was not looking to brand myself with any one particular group. - I feel strongly and passionately on this matter and feel that clothing has little to do with what I share on my platform. This is my opinion, and I am completely confident in it.- There are many situations that I can stand up for because I may have a of lack knowledge, or I simply waiver on both sides. So you don see me arguing about them here, or at least not in a definite I AM RIGHT sort of manner.- Yoga, to me, is learning who you are in the face of adversity and summoning your inner strength from it. - Stand tall, even if you are short (like me), stand proud, even if you are tired, and stand confident because this is your road, your journey and your voice. - #gracefulstrength - Outfit #thriftstorefinds -

Guys, I exhausted, mentally, physically, and emotionally. This ones for me. I have little words this evening. Just feels and for now I keeping them for myself. - #gracefulstrength - #movement #mediation #yogatherapy #recovery #odaat #soberissexy #yogalover #venicebeach #losangeles

I not gonna lie, I almost didn post this... - Honestly I just not feeling like sharing my practice these days.- But I thought well @diceyoga motivated me to try the first part of this flow and you know, that kinda why I here. I started this account to find people that shared my passions and to learn new things. - I have learned so much about myself on this little square and for that, at times like these when I want to be a hermit in my world I will be grateful for that. - So here to all of you. I want to humbly thank you for being there, saying things I can always answer and supporting me in the most amazing ways.- I do love this square but at times I feel at a loss and the creep in. Like I should be sharing more, my lifestyle, my family, what all the behind the scenes look like. I try and then I feel it not enough. - Some things I do just keep to myself, selfishly my loving partner in life (which it our anniversary tomorrow I honestly don even think I would be on here with out his support. - Today is for gratitude.- #gracefulstrength - #togetherwerise #bethechange #youareenough #selfcare #recovery #odaat #soberissexy #yogalover #movementculture #twinflame #handstand #venicebeach #losangeles

Dear Mr. Frigfrigecoldboxmetalobjectinkitchen,- Can I lean on you and possibly put my feet on you? Great....thanks, Bc I really want to try the #sitdownstandupchallenge , that @natashaswinter did earlier and I can promise that if I yoga right here, my feet will not land on you. - You the best Frig. - Hugs and kisses- E- #gracefulstrength - #kitchenyoga #catoftheday #weekendvibes #handstand #movement #movementculture #strongwomen #venicebeach #beachvibes #caturday #losangeles

Story time - Back in November, @casa_colibri and I went to NYC to teach. We both landed in Newark at the same time, fetched an Uber to take us into Weehawken where we would wait at a local coffee shop for my highschool bestie to get done with work, so we could have dinner and a slumber party together. - We were freezing.. slightly nervous bc the coffee shop was due to close and my friend hadn made it home from the city yet. - The man behind the counter was cleaning with his head phones on, bopping around. I felt bad. I told Steph we should probably scoot on out. He told us we are all good and got to chatting. The usually, who are we, what do we do? And vice versa. We began to exchange our ideas on our own individual creative languages. Mine being painting and movement, Steph dance, writing and movement and him photography and music. Although all our languages vary, we share one common thread, creativity. - We learned what motivated each other and gabbed on and on as he played his tunes in the shop until our friend came home.- I LOVE meeting other artist and hearing about what makes one tick. It here where I believe the unity of creative language builds power in momentum. We all have a common thread. We all have passions. It this fire that fuels the greater good. Expand your language, learn others and come together as a collective consciousness to unit. - Music by the coffee man, the owner of the shop and an man o

Started packing the bags, a smidge bit sad because leaving my family always is soooooo hard. Having the privilege to travel and teach yoga, has its ups and downs and leaving my loved ones is definitely not the brightest part. But what I gain each and every time I get to meet a new soul and see little lights flicker on as they map out the new movement patterns in their body, is some of the best gifts.- Each trip is always so unique even if I visited the city before. I love hearing everyone story on how they ended up in our classroom, answering questions, and finding new places to eat food. - First stop is Miami to film with @omstarsofficial and then this weekend @casa_colibri and I will be co-teaching 4 workshops at the @miamilifecenter details in the link in my profile bio or (I think there are some spots left in a few of them)- Then off to Costa Rica, to teach at @envisionfestival which I still can believe it been a year since the last one. - Finally I will help Steph and Ben, get the @floretreatcenter ready for the Grand Opening very, very, soon! - So many wonderful things happening and the best part, is it with my best friend who happens to be the best business partner ever. Love u Steph! Eehhhh! Here we go again! - #gracefulstrength - Ps. So this weeks handstand training evolved all things plow to handstand pressing related. Today it was lotus. - Music @aquastonethrone - #partner

Guys I putting in a good fight against a yucky cold no fun at all... but playing with my suitcase was - I appreciate any good well vibes seeing that I take flight in the early am for a long work week - Loving you guys and all your support it means so much to me. Xo-E- #gracefulstrength - Music @aquastonethrone for some Action found on Spotify - #myart #movement #yogalove #handstand #venicebeach #losangeles #miamiyoga #functionalfitness #bodyweighttraining #barrefitness #travelingyogi #traveltheworld #puravida #nycunderground #beats #undergroundhiphop

My rule - it not my house, so I can put my feet on everything.... that was haaarrrdddd. But I managed. - Day one filming for @omstarsofficial down the drain, a few more to go. - Ps. @casa_colibri was a fabulous Valentine this year, made me laugh so many times today... even tho I could hardly breath in my down dog cuz of the cold that took hostage of my body. - I hope every had a fantabulous love day. - Music @aquastonethrone Mind Vs Matter- #gracefulstrength - #bestfriendgoals #myvalentine #yogalove #kitchenyoga #partnerincrime #twinflame #thisishowwedo #turnup #miamibeach #miamiyoga #travelingyogi #puravida

I not going to lie, it been a tough couple of days, but at the same time, I actually living my dream. - I worked hard in my life. Spiritually, mentally, physically. I made sacrifices and very hard decisions. I fought my way through a few self destructive addictions, during that time I let go of friendships, not been with my family when I would have wished, worked many crummy jobs that helped me pay my bills and I painted away in my studio in hopes that one day I will get to leave those jobs and live my dream of pursuing the spreading of awareness through creative languages. - If you told me my dream would look like this, I might have been shocked. My paintbrush is not in my hand everyday which is what I would have thought but now it is in my core. - Things might not always be perfect and sometimes they can be quite the contrary but keep going, keep walking in the path of your true authentic self and do not waiver for anyone. Ever. - Where you start, may not be where you finish, as for me, this is not the end of the line, and I am willing to have my paintbrush show up in whatever form it must take. What I am not willing is to have it not show up at all. - If it wasn for this paintbrush, then I might not be here for my family, loved ones, and me. - Celebrating creativity each and everyday I get too. - #gracefulstrength #myart - #bethechange #turnup #odaat #soberissexy #strongwomen #yogal

Man, I filmed this flow this morning, which feels like eons ago now, after teaching all day at the @miamilifecenter which might I add was such an amazing experience with so many talented strong humans. - Thank you for embracing all my weirdness, silly but serious mentality. I was chatting on the way home from the classes, wondering if the people that come to train with me get thrown off because I tend to not show to much of my silly side here on the gram. I often wonder the perspective that you all see. I try everyday to be true and authentic to the human that I am. Which we all are complex beings with many different sides. I not exactly sure where I am going with this, for I am just so tired, slightly brain dead, still buzzing off the vibes and my body is sore from this past week.- I suppose I stop writing now seeing that spell check can keep up with my poor typing skills, let alone my grammar is probably terrible. - All the love you beautiful humans, GN - Special thank you to @kinoyoga for hosting and sharing her home with us this week. I still feel like I am in a dream - #gracefulstrength - Outfit #tjmaxx - Song @aquastonethrone - #miamibeach #miamiyoga #travelingyogi #weekendvibes #yogalover #yogateacher #practicepracticepractice #traveltheworld #yogapants #movement #barrefitness #fitchick #soberissexy #onedayatatime #corestrength #str

After, - Filming 10 classes for @omstarsofficial , 4 workshops on The Art of Creative Sequencing for their Yoga Teacher Training program, and 4 in person workshops at the @miamilifecenter - I packing my bags and saying goodbye (for now to @kinoyoga beautiful home, to board the plane with my bestie @casa_colibri to head back to the jungle of Costa Rica to teach at @envisionfestival and help get @floretreatcenter Open for business in a few weeks. - Er-Ma-Gawd! It finally here!- Such a mind blowing, epic adventure. I honestly can believe all we packed into this trip and what even more surprising is that my body feels pretty amazing, although a little tired. I was just blown away by the vibes from this weekends workshops. Thanks to all who traveled far and near. We had a few from Canada, some from Spain, and many that spanned across the US soul, loved every single second. - #gracefulstrength - Music @aquastonethrone You can find him on Spotify! - #miamibeach #travelingyogi #travellingthroughtheworld #onedayatatime #odaat #costarica #puravida #handstand #yogalove #yogapants #functionalfitness #movement #morningmotivation #mondaymotivation #soberissexy #bethechange #turnup #spreadthatshiteverywhere #glitterpower #sparkleyaf

There was a time when you monopolized all my thoughts, actions and beliefs about myself. I was much younger and hadn seen it through to the other side yet. People told me there was a different way of living but honestly I couldn see how. Painfully frustrated and at points willing to have you rule my world, almost content that it was going to be me and you forever. - I simply gloss over the details of what this is because I believe with out details, one can still share their experience, strength and hopes with out pouring over the horror story of what each individual life can bring. Bad things happen to all of us and sometimes we pick pathways when thinking there is just no other way. - If those pathways have to be walked, find humility because it the lucky ones that get to learn from it. With everything I used as a crutch in my life, from the lack of food, sleep, to drugs and alcohol. I now celebrate that today I don have those symptoms.- Continue to do the work, even and especially if you think you can - Courage is not doing things that are scary, it doing things anyways, because you know are scary. I was petrified to live with out my crutches, little did I know that freedom was sitting right on the other side of fear.- Taking contrary action, one breath at a time, with a willingness that a life without these symptoms can help fully help heal from the wreckage of the past, bring yo

When cleaning turns into playing.... not our best work at either but it sure made it fun in the boiling heat - Been super busy with Steph, getting the @floretreatcenter ready for it grand opening! - Just a reminder, @casa_colibri I 300 YTT has been filled but there still some good news!!! We are taking a waitlist as well as still accepting Scholarship applications! If you interested, click the link in my profile bio or go to under Teacher Trainings Tab. - Definitely #hardcorehousework possibly #functionalfitness and not so much of #gracefulstrength but there always tomorrow. - Song @aquastonethrone Check him out on Spotify! - #weveonlyjustbegun - #yogateachertraining #yogateacher #bestfriendgoals #twinflame #squadgoals #myyogatribe #bff #businesspartner #friendsforever #handstand #yogalove #Authenticmovements #costarica #puravida

I not sure why, but lately I been thinking about all the decisions I made in regards to men. - I always been one to fall quick, hard and in the moment for someone. I had a few long relationships and then sprinkled in between some firey fast burns. I have had bouts where I sat alone and let no one in. I have had my heart broken and I have also broken some hearts. I made poor choices and allowed men to mistreat me. I put myself in bad situations, and also been put in bad situations. - Lots of love, lust, pain, anger, happiness mixed in the same bag. - In the end, each love has taught me something and I feel I have learned a lot. Today I live on my side of the street and do my best to keep it tidy. - I love being a passionate person. Being this, allows me to feel deeply and fully. It can be scary tho, with passion it can sometimes be hinged to vulnerability. But I wouldn trade it. Because of this I have found a love that could move mountains. - #bikini @makenasurfwear - #gracefulstrength - Song @maxchalant - #junglelife #costarica #puravida #strongwomen #handstand #sweat #yogalover #beachbody #beachvibes #turnup #flexfriday #trainingday #trainharderthanme #pumped

... feeling so submerged... - I found it hard to share these past couple of days. To be honest, I feel this place to be my little diary of sorts. A place I come to share my thoughts and movements from the day. But these days have been so full that I just can find the words to describe nor even the flow to match.- I took sometime for myself this evening when we all got back to @floretreatcenter after teaching this amazing group of humans at the @envisionfestival - Mind blown, truly. - As I sit here in my bunk bed absorbing it all in to my deepest layer, I still feel so stimulated as I work towards prepping myself for tomorrow .- I beyond passionate about sharing with you all. I pour every bit of who I am each and every time I do. - For a while there, my feed was getting so angry and filled with heavy amounts of negativity that it was hard to read the posts that did appear. So I honestly just stopped. Just turned my phone off and looked around into the beautiful world. This is not my job and I am going to keep it that way and for me, that how I feel I can continue to share here. - It was always so hard when I would create a painting to match someone couch just so I could pay rent. - Creativity just doesn come for me in that sense. So I do what I do, some may like it, some may not. But at the end of the day, I am living my passion, I continue to be my authentic self and with that, somehow, the rent still

Two weeks ago @casa_colibri and I were about to embark on quite a jam packed schedule for work. - Filming online classes, online teacher training material, teaching workshop after workshop, helping getting the @floretreatcenter ready for opening day, plus all the back stage stuff for future ytt retreats, clothing, and oh the emails... it not all sunshine and roses. - I remember talking to her before me met up in Miami and said Steph, we have A LOT of stuff to do... she replied, in a tone that implied a slight amount of fear however, I still knew she was still fully confident.- This morning, as one big leg, is complete of what we call the season for us, I am so proud of how we work together through all things, big or small. - Today, I woke at 5am with a smile. Still knowing that the list of things to do was growing again. - Work doesn always have to be I honestly feel more fulfilled than ever. Some could stay that staying this busy takes away from the quality of life. But for me, it brings so much joy. I thoroughly love our work. Being on this road, as a sober woman re-learning how to show up, over and over again is a beautiful but challenging path. Turning obstacles over constantly and taking that extra breath when I feel overwhelmed. As I learned to find a spiritual side in life and grow into it. It not always easy but like today when the internet was

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