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bestyoga post today! by @karenmattar . Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. . Follow @bestyoga for daily yoga inspiration!

bestyoga post today! by @ericatenggarayoga . Letting go does not mean you stop caring. It means you stop trying to force others to. . Follow @bestyoga for daily yoga inspiration!

bestyoga post today! by @susievanessayoga . Gratitude to mothernature. How beautoful that is. . @erikalisthenics . Follow @bestyoga for daily yoga inspiration!

bestyoga post today! by @hana_bladh . Before i begin I am very naturally INflexible. I follow many other beginner yogis, and I have realized that I have to work a little harder than most to increase the flexibility in my hamstrings, back, and hips. Just keep that in mind as you look at my photos and progress. You can accomplish anything with a dedicated practice! Hoping this post will motivate you Practise however much you can, when you can. Focus on, and be proud of what you do, rather than focusing on what you want to do.

bestyoga post today! by @thynh . The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in. . photo: @thesweetnessofherlaughter . Follow @bestyoga for daily yoga inspiration!

bestyoga post today! by @seanphelpsyoga . Respect life, revere life. There is nothing more holy than life, nothing more devine than life. . Follow @bestyoga for daily yoga inspiration!

bestyoga post today! by @kinoyoga . Your happiness is your responsibility. It can be as simple as what you focus on. . Photo @yoandyvidal . Follow @bestyoga for daily yoga inspiration!

bestyoga post today! by @chelseasyoga .

is for everyone @lichellefisser contacted me last year because she had seen me doing so many one arm postures and she thought I might be able to help her. Today she came to practice and she did a full Primary Series (and then afterwards we shot these videos working on backbends, and towards Handstand and push-ups). Before she started I asked, do you do for sun salutations? She replied, same as before It was an inspiration to watch. As Lichelle chatted with us later what was most inspiring was her inner radiance and the light in her eyes. Later my wife, @deepikamehtayoga with tears in her eyes said, shows that we are not the body, we are the spirit Lichelle is a living example of that and I thank her for coming to teaxh me today - and I excited about her one arm Handstand journey!

Away from the exotic beaches, temples and spacious yoga shalas, sometimes practice looks like this - in the kitchenette of a hotel room. On busy teaching days like today, I sometimes do a maintenance practice, and when it comes to lower body flexibility then the front and middle splits give me the most bang for the buck. Isometric holds, PNF, ballistic, passive, active, and active assisted stretching techniques are all thrown into the mix as I continue the work to reduce the gap between my range of motion in the active and passive ranges.

That moment when Bollywood dance moves meet Yoga alignment #bollywood #yoga #mumbai #india

In this day and age of modern postural yoga, one of the big questions that we need to ask as teachers, is what is the place of on adjustments Firstly, as asana teachers we are also placed in an ambiguous relationship with our students, as we may have become a role model for them, and are therefore in a position of responsibility and power on a psychological and emotional level, requiring something of us that is beyond the knowledge of asanas. This is perhaps the most difficult aspect of being a modern yoga teacher - particularly if your classes involve hands on adjustments, as the human body is a storehouse of emotional trigger points. As can be seen in this video there needs to be a lot of trust in order to go into these zones (by the way I was actually practicing when @martimegghi asked for this assist - hence I wasn wearing a shirt). Secondly, in terms of finding Yoga - steadiness and comfort - in asana, then there needs to be a balance of strength and flexibility. In order to be pain free, the student must have sufficient active flexibility and end range control. I know Martina well enough to know that she has both of these, and actually she could go much deeper than she has here, but I do not want to take her to her end range. Actually my goal is to get her to do this movement by herself. In the meantime, partner or teacher assisted adjustments like this, can help train the nervous system to understand the movement on a visceral level, and w

Here another one on the theme of assistingadjustments. Just as my own practice is continuously evolving and going through a process of exploration, experimentation and refinement - so too is my teaching style and the way I assist - as I draw from new experiences and influences. The assist is a good example of that. In the past I would more or less do the work of the student by them into the pose. But what I have found is that while this feels good for the student, it very rarely teaches them how to do it themselves. Working with my amazing wife @deepikamehtayoga is a good case in point. The time has come now where she is ready to this one, but there are many things going on in this movement, as she finds her way to gain more control of the balance so that she can then start to reach full control of her end range hip and spinal extension, combined with ankle (plantar) and knee flexion. With this approach and her dedication and hard work ethic I know she will be doing this alone in the not so distant future. Watch this space

#movementmonday Get ready to sweat! I just finished my yoga practice and #coreworkout and filmed this for you! I so tired but happy to get in some movement today. Jet lag is no joke! Here is a really quick and fun sequence for mobility and core strength that if you have limited time, TRY THIS! TAG SOMEONE who loves a good #challenge and challenge them! Sequence: Dolphin pose Chaturunga Upward dog Downward Dog Hop to Malasana Drop to knees and back to Malasana Navasana Hollow hold (Ardha Navasana) Hop back to chaturunga Upward Dog Downward Dog Hop to Malasana Drop knees Malasana Ustrasana - Camel Pose What do you think? Can you do it? #sofun! Next workshops: DIEGO 317 518&19 526 921&22 112&3 RYT200 @spiritledyoga 716-82 Delray Beach, FL Link in bio! . #yoga #yogasequence #yogapose #yogi #mobility #core #armsworkout #fitnessmotivation #handstands #bygcoredrills #bygmademedoit

#WallWednesday Pinchamayurasana | Forearm Balance tutorial using the wall ~ TAG someone who would appreciate this video! 1. Come a full leg lengths distance from the wall & set your elbows where your hip bone are. 2. Make sure elbows are shoulder width by clasping the hands around the biceps. 3. Step one foot on the wall parallel to the ground as you press the other leg all the way up. 4. Push forward on your toes until you feel balance and then bring the legs together. Try it and tag #bygmademedoit if you want me to see your posts! Tag a friend with and be entered into my @bygthreads giveaway on Thursday! Next workshops: DIEGO 317 518&19 526 921&22 112&3 RYT200 @spiritledyoga 716-82 Delray Beach, FL Link in bio! . . #yoga #pinchamayurasana #forearmbalance #blonde #jeanshorts #dog #yogi #yogatutorial

Tuck handstand trick Grab a block. You welcome. Tag a friend who appreciate this trick!! Also, if you tag someone and you will be entered in to win my random draw for new #yoga clothes from @bygthreads! Winner chosen on Thursday! Next workshops: DIEGO 317 518&19 526 921&22 112&3 RYT200 716-82 Delray Beach, FL Link in bio! #MotivationMonday #tuck #handstand #learntohandstand #bygmademedoit #bygcoredrills #handstand365 #gymnastics #handbalance #yogapants #yogalove #igyoga #yogatutorial

Guess what? new training app is available! All my yoga classes, core classes and handstand training program can be found by clicking the link in my profile. It is available in the App Store under App or click here to go to their Insta. I will have fresh content TAILORED to my subscribers each week. Based on your reviews, ratings and comments, I will create training programs to fit YOUR needs! Download the app today and subscribe free for 7 days. If you like it, it is $10 a month. If you sign up now, that price will be locked in and will never change no matter what! It would mean the world to me if you checked it out and let me know what you think! Leave me a rating and a comment! PS: Android version coming later this summer! (Click profile link) #app #playbook #handstand #yoga #new #classes #yoga

I finally conquered this dreadful ( #kiddingnotkidding) yoga pose! Anyone else find #EkaPadaBakasana the most annoying yoga asana ever?! Asking for a friend. My new app: #whothoughtupthispose #yoga #yogafail #yogaprop #yogapose #bygmademedoit

Feeling SO #STRONG after filming all my training programs for my new app with @playbook_app! I never been able to lower down from handstand into #Bakasana this easily before! It has also made me really consistent with training since I have been creating programs for you. If you haven downloaded it, please do! 7 days for free and only $10 after that. Direct in my profile. . Next workshops: DIEGO 317 518&19 526 921&22 112&3 RYT200 @spiritledyoga 716-82 Delray Beach, FL Link in bio! PS: GIVEAWAY @bygthreads still happening daily. Like this post and tag a friend to be entered to win!

Have you tried Tripod to Bakasana transition? @hillaryhmarshall asked me for some fun transitions to do from headstand and I immediately thought of this one. Here are some tips: 1. To transition from Bakasana to Headstand, remember to push the ground away and go slowly! You don want to come crashing down on your head. 2. To lift up from headstand to Bakasana, make sure your tripod headstand is set up correctly. Hands should be placed shoulder width - just like in a Chaturanga. 2. Roll to your forehead first and let the knees come to the outside of your arms. 3. Lots of arm strength is needed so remember to push the ground away as you try and lift the head. 4. Go slowly and hug everything in tight as you lift the head. 5. If the arms are bent you half way to Chaturanga. Just shoot the legs back as you continue to push with the arms! my app: . Next workshops: DIEGO 317 518&19 526 921&22 112&3 RYT200 @spiritledyoga 716-82 Delray Beach, FL in profile!

At the airport waiting to board my flight to San Diego with nothing better to do than make yoga tutorials! Here are a few tips for #Astavakrasana! This is a really fun arm balance that isn as hard as you may think! TAG someone who would enjoy (oh and #freestuff from @bygthreads - random draw tomorrow)! Next workshops: DIEGO 317 518&19 526 921&22 112&3 RYT200 @spiritledyoga 716-82 Delray Beach, FL To register or practice online with me go to: #yoga #yogatutorial #yogapose

HOT BUNS! just loaded this workout up on my app! This 13 minute Pilates workout will make your buns and core BURN. Here is a little preview. Try the class and leave me a review! Did you know I also a Pilates teacher? I LOVE mat Pilates. Try my classes on my new training app FREE for 7 days. If you like them, it is just $10 a month. Next workshops: DIEGO 317 518&19 526 921&22 112&3 RYT200 @spiritledyoga 716-82 Delray Beach, FL Link in bio! #yoga #pilates #hotbuns #coreworkout #abs #buttworkout

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I think it all boils down to TRUST...- ... knowing how to allow yourself to recover from a fall. - To be malleable and be ok with the elasticity protecting us.- The stumble, those extra steps taken may in fact lead us into the path that was not foreseen by the choir of the brain.- Find yourself in the fall. It will be ok.- #gracefulstrength - #bethechange #onedayatatime #moderndance #authenticmovements #yogalover #yogaflow #handstand #fitspiration #strongwomen #losangeles

I was reminded today, as I was discussing with my friend, the downloading of information of the brain. Perhaps it the empath in me, but I find it hard to be fully present during those moments. I guess, you could say I just feel overwhelmed by things and it leaves me in a state of temporary paralysis. Kinda like the think ball on the computer. - As I struggled for words, in this conversation, stumbling and tripping over myself. Wondering if any of it is making sense and if I was at all stating how I was truly feeling. My friend proposed a question.- you ever pondered, just to feel - My response, don download? Hmmmm well no actually. - I went from there on, the whole rest of my day, and when I felt myself tense, I just said - This goes back to instinct. That I talked about yesterday I believe.- The other night as I was leaving a clients house I saw a opossum. I seen many and knew of its tribal medicine but of course went home for a recap. - It states that some see this medicine to be negative, however I have never. It basically is a warning to trust your instinct. And most of the time for me, my brain can be the enemy.- I came home tonight, just to be here in my studio, to feel. - The teachers leave messages for finding inner growth, surrounding us everywhere. We just need to have our eyes open.- This incredible song is from @kimblyy you can

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