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TODAYS SESH YOGA INVERSIONS RUTINA DE HOY INVERSIONES DE YOGA! Maybe I should do a tutorial on how I got to do this, what do you guys think? Were going to get bendy, I got a couple of my favorite stretches coming your way. @mawarriors! As you can see, I like to be balanced in all areas of fitness because it keeps things fun and never boring. You never know what youll fall in love with, so why not give it a try? I encourage you to try new things! Quisas deba hacer un v de c progrese a hacer estas inversiones, que creen ustedes? No se preocupen que tengo unos de mis estiramientos favoritos para ma as nos volvemos pura mantequilla juntos! Como ven a m me gusta ser balanceada en muchas de entrenamiento porque mantienen la rutina divertida y uno nunca se aburre. Te aliento a tratar nuevas porque nunca sabes cu vas a amar de verdad. La rutina aburre, as que mant la mente abierta, y trata nuevos estilos. WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #yoga #ma30day #mawarrior #girlpower

24 HOURS ONLY: Win a FREE Bark Co. Crazy Dog Lady tote bag by following @barkpost before 33 at 12pm EST. Crazy dog people: It time to own your crazy. Follow @barkpost today. _ #barkpost #barkbox #barkshop #momlife #yogaeverydamnday #fitspo #ootd #glam #naturalbeauty

Loving the sun and warmth in California Today in Venice Beach stretching with @nwoy | wearing @aloyoga | using @radhabeauty Argan oil on skin and hair. by @Steiner.Creative #yogavids #idoportal

Beautiful girl, You were made to do hard things. So believe in yourself. . . . Hollow-back practice at the gym today. | wearing @aloyoga

About 2 years ago, I got dropped on my head from doing an Acro yoga move onto the concrete floor and suffered a concussion. After that time, Ive had very bad trust issues when it came to acro. when I was asked to do a hand to hand as the first Acro move, I was not confident because i havent really been a flyer since that time. This is my very first hand to hand balance ever! My expression and squeal says everything. Thank you @acrowithjon for being the best base in the world! wearing @aloyoga

An amazing thing happens when you stop seeking approval and validation: you find it. People are naturally drawn like magnets to those who know who they are and cannot be shaken. . @radhabeauty . . by @blakesinclair | @aloyoga Malibu retreat.

Best yoga buddy

The absolute best way to do yoga??

The dog @vivianrtang #workoutvideo #yogaflow

Today I am grateful I was able to spend my afternoon on this beautiful beach with some really amazing people. #freetobeyogaretreat _ Day 13 #thegratitudechallenge. Check in with @kinoyoga and follow our new yoga fitness tool Use

CLICK PLAY Double Tap for yoga pants TAG a friend who would look FT @meinleggings

koyawebb came to stay at Chateau Gypset this week and we had a blast! So impressed with Koyas strength and stability, both in her yoga practice and her daily life. See the rest of our session on her page and TAG the one you would try this with! - Blanket: @tribeandtrue Wearing: @aloyoga Kiiara

The morning light gets me excited to breathe and do yoga to start my day. What inspires you to move? Ive partnered with @degreewomen to share with you my movement, now show me yours! #EveryMoveCounts

Clean room, deep breaths, focus, yoga. Perfect way to start the day. - Wearing: @aloyoga

When I travel often, sometimes just getting home feels like a total vacation. Im always grateful when Im on the road, but Im also so excited to slow down and feel grounded again for a few weeks. - Wearing: @aloyoga

Lately I find myself constantly reminded of how important it is to be present, really present, in order to truly enjoy my life. This is even more true in the face of adversity, because Ive learned that adversity can seriously distract me from the here and now and bring out my inner pessimist, if Im not careful. . Ive stumbled over quite a few obstacles recently, and Ive realized that whenever a challenging situation arises, I have 2 choices: let it get the best of me, keep me from enjoying whatever Im presently doing, try unsuccessfully to control that which I cannot, and spend excess energy feeling sorry for myself OR stay present to the here and now, enjoy what Im presently doing, accept that I cant control everything, and move onward and upward. . I woke up today and decided Ive been choosing the first option a little too often....but Im more aware of it than ever and making a concerted effort to change my reactions, because those I CAN control. - @andrew7sealy Wearing: @aloyoga

Ive made it back home, but I think my mind is still in @wanderlustfest mode. Besides the Neila vet incident, the weekend was epic! I made new friends, had a total blast, rocked pretty @aveda braids, and learned new yoga poses and acroyoga flows like this one with @aubrymarie! It was so fun that I didnt want it to end! I may not be in that fresh mountain air anymore, but Im still feeling the #wanderlust2016 buzz... inspired, motivated, and energized. - Xavier Rudd

This adorable pup has a very, uhm... "effective" way of getting mom to stop doing yoga and play instead!

Down-dog was made for this yoga loving pup.

Supta Vajrasana - Reclined Thunderbolt This is one of the most difficult postures for me to maintain since I practice alone most of the year. It can be done solo (in rare individuals) or by putting your knees under a couch. However, occasionally a divine goddess like @deepikamehtayoga graces me with her assistance. Its one of those postures that I like to maintain because the more strength work I do, the more difficult binding becomes. In this case Im lucky that I have big feet, and as always anatomical differences come in to play here - some as an advantage, some a disadvantage. Long and skinny = easier. Short and wide = harder. For those guys out there, like me who like to surf etc then as your shoulders get tighter the harder this becomes. You might want to add in the shoulder movements I show in the longer edit - which you can find on my YouTube. Also you need to have a tight Padmasana - achieved by squeezing the knees together. Ive also shown at the end of this video how much the elbows need to cross. Sweat andor oil will are helpful for this - after Kapotasana this isnt usually a problem! Heres how we do Supta Vajrasana: From Baddha Padmasana exhale and go back and hold for five breaths. Inhale and come up and go back down and up four more times and again hold for five breaths. So thats 5 in total. Hold the first and fifth for 5 breaths. Its important that the person assisting does not apply too much pressure to the knees - they should be al

Mid-day move and groove session. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. #yoga - Disclosure Feel Like I Do Wearing: @aloyoga

Tittibhasana tips . I did a full tutorial on this pose before but thought Id share the ways that worked for me when I wanted to try the pose before I could everget it . Trying to edit this was a pain in the so you better all like it . Top left video - I used blocks just behind my heels. . Middle top video- I used my #Catbradleystraptip . Top right video - strap around my ankles. . All of the above methods worked for me and gradually with practice I could loose the props. . . The pictures illustrate how to access Tittibhasana; (with props if needed) . Start with a deep forward fold.( legs dont need to be straight) . Keep feet as close to shoulder width apart as you can. . Snuggle each shoulder behind each knee. The higher you can get the legs up the arms the easier it is but dont fret if you cant. You can still do this pose. . Keep weight forward as you sit down the backs of your arms. Your feet will need to move forward so try wearing socks so they slide forward this really helps! Dont be afraid to sit all the way down onto your mat with your butt. Once you keep weight leaning forward you can pick yourself back up again. But get butt as low as you can first is the key! . (BEGINNERS TIP) Rotate shoulders inwards (Even turning hands slightly towards eachother can help here too) . Elbows point out to the sides so you have a shelf for your legs to rest on. . Keep leaning forward all the time.

Jumping into chaturanga, something Ive never tried before! . . Inspired by day 3 of #flowinto2017 hosted by my biggest inspiration on IG @venus2bfab she moves so incredibly strong and mindfully! Stunning to watch . #yoga #yogaflow .

This flow is called how many arm balances can you fit in one flow . I often get asked about changing sides during flows that I post on IG but what I share on IG is not my actual practice. I dont practice this close to that wall or use bright lights! If I was to share my actual practice it would be a dark grainy vid of a hot sweaty mess and I would be wearing a lot less than this . My practice is personal and quite unexciting. I practice Ashtanga primary series everyday (a version of it) I do all the standing sequence most of the seated sequence. Then onto arm balancing, backbends inversions. I only do the closing sequence if I have time and have no plans to work on something for IG. If Im working on taking pics or videos I then work on that. Time is a luxury for me as I have a full time job (back to wprl on Monday so my practice could be 20 mins here and there throughout the day or I could be lucky enough to find some time alone in the evening where I practice. No matter what, I commit to doing as much of the series as I can throughout the day. It helps keep me focused. I do try and practice in the morning before work too but that doesnt always go to plan sadly. . . What I post on IG is something that Ive carefully planned and thought about to share with you all. Its created just for IG. I think a lot of people see posts on Ig and think its reality. Some people do share their practice of course but when I post

I remember when I first joined instagram, I would find myself getting utterly frustrated by the incredible posts I would find myself drooling over everyday. I would see a post and think thats awesome, I want to try it but Id have no idea where to start. I made a promise to myself that I would always post tips as I learned anything along the way - for 2 reasons - 1 was to try to help others and hopefully alleviate some frustrations for others and 2 was so I could look back and remember how I learned so I can never forget what its like to be a beginner. (I hate the word beginner but I hope you understand what I mean) I dont believe there are any beginners in yoga. We all come from different beginnings and have different paths. . I wanted to remind you all that Im still very much a beginner, even with handstands Im no way near as good as some accounts I see out there. There are days when I cant hold a handstand at all. My posts are my personal experience of learning something. . Handstand does seem to be my most popular posts which is understandable its a fun pose to learn and practice and any hang time is like winning the lotto. . One of the 5 Yamas of Yoga is Aparigraha which means non attachment or non greed. And I think when learning to hs its a very important Yama to focus on. Try to eliminate the end goal the handstand from your core focus. Losing that sense of entitlement that because you work on something you deserve it. There are many poses I work on daily but

Partner Stretching to @radhabeauty Frankincense essential oil. Stretching with essential oils sets the ambience in my home, and helps me relax when I stretch. The only way to get even more flexible is with resistance training, weight training and consistency. Get a partner to help you stretch out, and start slowly.. in no time, youll have them walking and stepping on you in a split. | top by @aloyoga

Merry Christmas from Tepoztlan, Mexico! Starting my morning with a lovely stretch in this gorgeous house. Have a beautiful Christmas my wonderful humans x piano music by Nicholas De La Vega - Tepoztlan, Mexico wearing @aloyoga

Strength doesnt come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldnt. . . . I really surprised myself today with these hip dances in a handstand and balancing on one arm. Its so difficult for me because I struggle so much with strength. fell so many times trying this out. But I never gave up!! Check out my Instagram story to see all the fails wearing @aloyoga

This flying straddle stretch will Never get old. It is an extremely intense stretch for me. Tag someone youd try this with. wearing @aloyoga

In the last 4 years I have been so blessed by this community here on @instagram. I honestly feel like the people who follow, comment, participate in challenges and those that just like my posts are an extension of my family. For me, yoga changed my world and brought me so much inner peace that sharing it with others feels like a higher calling. Yoga isnt just about poses, (although its hard to share the inner journey on this platform without posting a photo of something) its about making our world a better place to live. Its about caring for yourself and others ... its about community. Yes, that is what weve created here... community. This practice can look like whatever you want it to look like but the inner journey is always the same. Learning to cultivate oneness with the divine light within. I believe that like all trends and fads yoga has gotten its fair share of commercialism but the great thing is ... it doesnt matter. What matters is that people are still searching for peace and still desiring a better life. Ive been on my yoga journey for 15 years and Im still excited about it. There is no end only new heights to climb. #yoga _ Day 9 #yogaemojichallenge @kinoyoga @yogemoji - if you have downloaded our app please rate it in the App Store! are excited to keep updating it and make it a complete yogi emoji experience but we need your help! #yogemoji

Life of a traveling yoga teacher ... I never thought Id be doing this for a living. Its really a blessing to be here in Mississippi sharing all I have learned with new students. Im also super stoked to finally have a chance to wear these leg warmers! #brighterside #silverliningtothecold More on my Snapchat: beachyogagirl Teaching tonight and tomorrow at (link in bio) - there may be a few spots left.

How yogis warm up in small spaces. ready for my handstand workshop today in Mississippi! #hotelyoga #byginmississippi

Happy Birthday to my favorite Human person @bernardodelavega | Thank you for giving me wings. Morning workout to @radhabeauty ylang ylang essential oil in my new glass and bamboo diffuser. wearing @aloyoga

Trying out this cool Partner stretching with the strongest woman I know @newdeli24 at @crossfitunionsquare | This was challenging but We never gave up!! @aloyoga |

Slow down and find stillness in a world of constant motion. - @asenseofhuber #yoga

Feels so good to do some yoga during daylight . Feeling so inspired after watching my good friends @jadebellyyoga @aerial_delights working on their press (and making incredible progress so I dropped everything and did a few mins of practice and welll......urm mine seems to be going backwards Ive really neglected my press work lately, it just takes so much energy out of me and theres always so much more fun stuff to work on, you cant work on everything at once . . On the plus side my handstand walk is getting more consistent and I walked in a straight line too, with legs kinda together Clearly Stewie doesnt share that excitement and fell asleep . I owe so many friends a #sdy and I guess this is the first time Ive ever really done a genuine stop and yoga so this is for you @supermomtraci and all the others Ive forgotten I usually take a screenshot of the request but I accidently cleared out my gallery and theyre all gone now Leaving the tag open for anyone to share some magic press tips with us please . . #yoga #handstand

Shaking off the week and stepping into Good Friday like... And yes, that is Winstons slobber from his ball on the floor. Ha! . . . #handstand #happy #dogs #armbalance #sweat #yogi #zen #dancer #guys #flow #love #myyogalife #practicedaily #strength #balance #namaste #yogainspiration #inspiration #yogalove #love #yogaeverydamnday #fitspo #dance #motivation #yogainspo #yogapractice #yogavideo #stretch #yogalife

Kittys Massage Service #funny #cute #cats #yoga #CatsOfTwitter #catlovers Get more #pets #videos at

Couple Workouts - Follow @teegoodvibe Cc @mike.aidala Tag your friends - #workingout #workouts #couplegoals #couples #relationshipgoals #gymtime #yogateacher #fitnesslifestyle #forest

I lost my ability to press for days because Ive been having a fever. I kept worrying that I might never get my strength press back. This morning I went to the gym after a 4 day hiatus, and I was able to do a press again!! My body just needed time to recover. If you listen to your body when it whispers, you wont have to hear it scream. | Wearing @aloyoga . #aloyoga

Here is a cued video of a core drill I use ALOT (Mainly on my students . You should be able to follow along just by listening to it so give it a try. I had to cut it a tiny bit because it went over the minute but once you get comfortable with it you wouldshould pause on each hold. I had to keep moving to fit it all in the video. . Start in down dog but shift weight forward to plank as you draw knee in. . Keep core bandhas locked. Round the spine as much as you can, not only does this give you space to lift the knee but it engages the core too. . Hope you enjoy it . #CatsWheelSeries #corework #core #abs #yoga

If you have to do push ups.....theres only one way right . I have a cold so Im sweating it out tonight! . It couldnt get any more romantic here could it Do what you love is the motto of the day right . #yoga #pushups

Flowing with BOP is not the easiest But heres what I did for #entwinemyvalentine (Im on a mission to flow through this challenge and my gorgeous bestie @yogamand we had such a wonderful chat yesterday, so grateful to have you in my world. This is for you and the song Love you . And of course shes the luckiest girl in the world right now hosting with these amazing ladies who I call my good friends @bowlingandyoga @jadebellyyoga @alli_roush . #yoga #yogaflow

Ever try to do a flow in one take This is what it looks like, a little disjointed but hey a flow is a flow is a flow. I was rushing to gymnastics and packing to go away for the weekend But how cool is this track Listen to the track and ignore my unflowy flow . I have a question for you all....... how do you define advanced yoga? Reason I ask this is because a lot of people (foolishly) think Im advanced based on the fact i can arm balance or handstand however ask my to sit in pigeon or touch my toes and Im like whaaaaa please dont make me do that Even my warrior 2 stinks in my opinion . When I see a flawless down dog or an elegant twist or an effortless fold Im more impressed than when I see a handstand. See what I mean..... its amazing how people perceive an advanced practitioner so Id love to hear your views. . This flow is for these ladies who are hosting the most challenging challenge ever Do you see their amazing twists and twines Check them out on #entwinemyvalentine @yogamand @bowlingandyoga @jadebellyyoga @alli_roush love you ladies so much . #yoga . .

late night singing and flowing on some high vibes and good news before class tonight Im SO EXCITED to let you know where my next backbend workshop is!!! Cant wait to connect and open with you loves! Also tried skandasana for the first time in forever! ... I need to strengthen my legs @aloyoga @dogpatchboulders

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