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Don have access to a gym? Don own any workout equipment? Are you a beginner and prefer training at home? That okay! Here a mini leg day routine you can add to your workout session at home (all you need is a yoga mat or towel) . 1 Jump Squats (x12) 2 Reverse Lunges (x12 per side) 3 Body Weight Squats to Calf Raises (x12) 4 Curtsey Lunges (x12 per side) 5 Fire Hydrants (x12 per side) 6 Glute Bridges with a 2 second pause (x12) @trainwithj #homeworkout #squatworkout #bootyworkout

Look at those picture perfect squats up the amazing work! #homesquats #workout #yoga #stayfit @gosiyim

Oh Instagram; third time trying to post this video Working on hollow back which has become my favorite posture. I just love it how exploration of all the beauty of yoga is never ending.

Time for some yoga @the_southern_yogi #homesquats #yoga

Sweetest thing ever! And those pineapple pants @kerispilatesroom #homesquats #yoga

Helping mom train @likeagirl__fitness #homesquats #yoga

Get your workouts in when and where you can! awesome! #yogaeverydamnday #homesquats #workout @erinkellyart featuring @casa_colibri

Plan a morning like this with your #bestie @the_southern_yogi @jessicaolie #morningyoga #yogaflow

Where is your favorite workout space? Wouldnt you love a view like this #beautiful #homesquats #outdoors #yogaeverydamnday @casa_colibri

Tag someone you want to try this with! Use #homesquats so we can see your videos! @nayitavp #acroyoga

When I get home after being gone for a long time I noticed I usually like stay there for a day or two. Reground, unpack, clean and reconnect to my home, my safe space. Putting in missed snuggle time with Rue xo I going on day three over here and I ran out of coffee so I braving the rainy weather, finally feeling recharged and back on this time zone Anyone else become a hermit for a few days after being gone? Feelin cozy in @aloyoga I singing my version of Send your love by Adele

This year I working on slowing down, living enveloped in each new moment richness. The fast and busy yet beautiful year that was 2017 made me realize just how much more I could be living, doing and experiencing it not about filling the space or planning my entire year out to a T, but putting in the time to do more things that I love, that I extremely passionate about. I welcome adventure, love, expansiveness, nourishment and growth with open arms. I am cultivating more forgiveness towards myself and where I am in my journey. Manifesting more love in each corner of being, receiving love and giving more love. Releasing boundaries and tearing down walls. The start of this year has already changed my life I have a wild feeling about what is going to unfold. Trying to hollow back like @gypsyon__ @the_southern_yogi switching my gaze is the hardest part Singing my version of beautiful thing by Grace Vanderwaal leggings by my fav @aloyoga brown moto

It been a while since I dusted off my guitar and did some new covers here one for your Wednesday night Trying not to be so technologically challenged and upload some new things to listen to on my website volume up :) original by Phoebe Bridgers ~ Waiting Room On another note I noticed such a difference in kapotasana, not so much how it looks but how it feels, since I been climbing. I feel so much more strength for upward lift and opening in my sternum. An ability to utilize the strength building that comes with all the different movements in climbing Also as requested I be putting up a live or a series of stories on wrist, leg and chest flexibility top is from @aloyoga :)

Maybe happiness is this ~ not feeling that you should be elsewhere, doing something else, being someone else. ~ The Geography of Bliss one of my favorite reads right now I feel like I either going to jump in a pool to save a drowning kid or hop in the rink and go toe to toe with Alison Bree from my new favorite show Glow! loving this crimson leotard from @aloyoga spring line Fun fact I used to be a life guard Song is me singing my acoustic cover of @jheneaiko song ~ The Worst

Left, Left, Left Right Left! - dog yoga #funnyanimals #dogsoftwitter #Huskies

yoga buddy

Dog doing yoga 😂😳

#TuesdayTreat get yours. Tag a friend who thinks yoga is always the answer 😂

Happy Monday! Trust Fall and Yoga With Mom #smart #dogsoftwitter

OMG!😍💕👇👏🐩🐿👇💕😍She a yoga pro, She dances Irish dance, She Helps around home, She paints😍🐶🐕😍🐶 Who is She? She is the “👇🐶Secret👇🐶” Meet Secret the 2 year old dog and Her 17 year old owner Mary Peters ..💕😂👇👏👇😘💕 They will surely amaze & entertain U!💃🐶💃👏

Who doesnt love yoga pants? Monsters, thats who! #Yoga #YogaPants

Yoga-tta be kidding me! #Fail #Failarmy

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