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Tag a friend that @lazygirlsquat Video by @zoehappyfit #squats #fitgirl #fitness #gym

This workout by is ideal for girls that want a home workout, are traveling, or dont have access to a gym. This is also a great activation drill for Leg Day at the gym because you NEED to warm up your lower body before you lift heavy on the squats, deadlifts, etc or else you may injure yourself and you wont be properly activating the muscles you want to build and grow ( lol). Go on @Hazybelle IG to read the details of her full workout and tips on how to make the workout more challenging with added resistance bands and weights @hazybelle @hazybelle @hazybelle #exercise #exercises #workout #workouts #abs #fitfam #fitness #cardio #hiit #workoutmotivation #fitnessmodel #bootyfordays #glutesworkout #bootybuilding #b #legday #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #health #gym #gains #girlswholift #fit #bbg #fitspo #kaylaitsines #bodybuilding #transformationtuesday #transformation #bbgprogress

Glute kickback machines for isolation! If you have a similar machine try it out!! 4 sets of 15 each leg! #legs #legday #bootyyy #buttworkout #fitness #fit #fitnessjourney #fitgirl #fitgitlsguide #fitgirlfollow #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #fitfam #workout #workoutmotivation #workouts #workforit #girlswhosquat #girlswholift #girlswhoworkout #burn #chickswholift #kickback . . CREDIT: @adalieschmidtfit

This IG account is AMAZING!! @joliesgym @joliesgym @joliesgym REAL SWEAT REAL VIDEOS! Follow @joliesgym if you want to get Fit! . #exercise #exercises #workout #workouts #abs #fitfam #fitness #cardio #hiit #workoutmotivation #fitnessmodel #bootyfordays #glutesworkout #bootybuilding #b #legday #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #health #gym #gains #girlswholift #fit #bbg #fitspo #kaylaitsines #bodybuilding #transformationtuesday #transformation #bbgprogress

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Guess what? new training app is available! All my yoga classes, core classes and handstand training program can be found by clicking the link in my profile. It is available in the App Store under App or click here to go to their Insta. I will have fresh content TAILORED to my subscribers each week. Based on your reviews, ratings and comments, I will create training programs to fit YOUR needs! Download the app today and subscribe free for 7 days. If you like it, it is $10 a month. If you sign up now, that price will be locked in and will never change no matter what! It would mean the world to me if you checked it out and let me know what you think! Leave me a rating and a comment! PS: Android version coming later this summer! (Click profile link) #app #playbook #handstand #yoga #new #classes #yoga

Abs and hiit cardio circuit @nataschafit - I always love combining cardio with strength in my workouts. Today workout includes one high intensity move, which you repeat three times during one circuit and three different core strengthening exercises in between. 1) High intensity move 30 seconds 2) Seated leg raises 15 reps 3) High intensity move 30 seconds 4) Seated scissors 15 reps each direction 5) High intensity move 30 seconds 6) Hip raises 15 reps 3 to 4 rounds. Music: Kaiserdisco & Karotte - Knocking Echoes

16 ankle weights exercises . . . - L e g s at h o m e Put your ankle weights, your favorite playlist and try this workout, 16 exercises you can do at home I did this wo by time, 4 sets of 2 secs each exercise

Variations Variations Variations! . @homefitnessvideos_ . . @kyritchfit Hip thrusts squat variations whether you limited on equipment or injuries effect you from performing certain exercises here are a few different variations for basic hip thrusts and squats for ya to try! . . TAG a friend and SAVE these for your next workout!! .

Bands workout . @homefitnessvideos_ @homefitnessvideos_ . . @sallygabriella_fit - [SAVE THIS] 20 Minute Banded Upper Body Circuit & feel the burn . 4 ROUNDS 1 20 Upright rows 2 20 Lateral raises 3 20 Front raises 4 50 Front pulses 5 20 Bicep curls 6 20 Bicep pulses . Tag a friend who would like this! . . . . Artist: Mickey Valen (feat. King Deco)r Song: Move That Body

Some core, glutes and balance exercises for home . . a very nice workout and can be done in 30 minutes Try doing 4 sets of each exercise

Couch workout . @homefitnessvideos_ . . . - Couch workout Because you can train with no equipment, even with no shoes

I think it all boils down to TRUST...- ... knowing how to allow yourself to recover from a fall. - To be malleable and be ok with the elasticity protecting us.- The stumble, those extra steps taken may in fact lead us into the path that was not foreseen by the choir of the brain.- Find yourself in the fall. It will be ok.- #gracefulstrength - #bethechange #onedayatatime #moderndance #authenticmovements #yogalover #yogaflow #handstand #fitspiration #strongwomen #losangeles

I was reminded today, as I was discussing with my friend, the downloading of information of the brain. Perhaps it the empath in me, but I find it hard to be fully present during those moments. I guess, you could say I just feel overwhelmed by things and it leaves me in a state of temporary paralysis. Kinda like the think ball on the computer. - As I struggled for words, in this conversation, stumbling and tripping over myself. Wondering if any of it is making sense and if I was at all stating how I was truly feeling. My friend proposed a question.- you ever pondered, just to feel - My response, don download? Hmmmm well no actually. - I went from there on, the whole rest of my day, and when I felt myself tense, I just said - This goes back to instinct. That I talked about yesterday I believe.- The other night as I was leaving a clients house I saw a opossum. I seen many and knew of its tribal medicine but of course went home for a recap. - It states that some see this medicine to be negative, however I have never. It basically is a warning to trust your instinct. And most of the time for me, my brain can be the enemy.- I came home tonight, just to be here in my studio, to feel. - The teachers leave messages for finding inner growth, surrounding us everywhere. We just need to have our eyes open.- This incredible song is from @kimblyy you can

Morning flows and creative webbing, aka the back stage stuff. - Today I reading and editing my flows that I writing for next months filming with @casa_colibri for @omstarsofficial - Trying to find out if what I wrote makes any sense in the body but also taking some detours as my body is waking up and started to crave all the tings.- Some days a liquid sentence comes out of my body while other is just fragments. Not really understanding what it means. The faith in the process is what keeps me intrigued. Creativity, to me is a live entity, it starts as an idea but then the tricky part is allowing the idea to be released and pass through us.- If one were to hold onto a fish out of water too tightly, we might suffocate it. In a fear that we might lose the fish. And if we let it go, can we ponder what it may be like to have the fish swim around us, with us and not run away?- Creativity is not ours to keep, it is ours to evolve with. - Song @teodoyogaguitar - #gracefulstrength #authenticmovements - #morningvibes #morningmotivation #yogalover #myart #creativity #fitspiration #venicebeach #vintage

I don know if I paint to find you- Or perhaps to hide from you.- Is it that you show me to much of the truth with each stroke? Where I eased into each breath and then I find myself wrestling with my demons. - In the end though, all of it, the good and bad can make something so beyond either of these things. - And that something, is the beauty of why I still do it. - I let go of a piece of myself tonight. Part of it, I have held close for sometime now. But bit by bit I release the fibers, hoping that she will Rest In Peace.- #gracefulstrength #fineartsurvivor - #myart #artiststudio #fineart #modernart #moderndance #bethechange #yogalover #movement #fitspiration #strength #strongwomen #onedayatatime #soberlife #venicebeach

Ummmm yes I would love more days like these, it felt like summer this afternoon, I trended to my garden literally and metaphorically. So I am just a very happy camper - Off to have a late night play date with my boo @yogoskenz - Let see what we can muster together after a long day - Song @kellen_nguyen - Bathing suit @makenasurfwear - Shirt @mikayogawear - #gracefulstrength - #handstand #yogafit #yogalover #bikini #summerallyear #calilife #venicebeach #losangeles #fitspiration #shinefromtheinsideout

Last few days to enter our SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY! . @casa_colibri and I believe that a solid yoga and movement foundation should be available for everyone, regardless of means. . While we hope to expand on our program in the future, we currently offer one partial scholarship spot to our Yoga Teacher Trainings. . The recipient for our Jan 2019 200HR Scholarship will be announced on Feb 1st, which means that all applications need to be in by Jan 30th, 2018. . WHAT DOES THE SCHOLARSHIP MEAN? . . cost, now $1500 USD total including training, lodging, meals. (4K in savings) . . deposit, from $500 to $150. . . payment schedule. . To find out more about the scholarship program and HOW TO APPLY, simply visit the link in my profile bio, then the RetreatsTrainings tab for details. . Yes, there is also a scholarship for the April 300HR training. No, there is not one for the Aug Retreat. . Looking forward to reading your apps! Questions? Comment below or email info . . - Music @meghancurrieyoga - #gracefulstrength #authenticmovements - #handstands #yogateachertraining #yogateacher #yogalover #puravida #venicebeach #strongwoman #lifegoals #bethechange #fitspiration #calisthenics #handbalance

Today I was kinda on one - Crushing the bidness game to the max and at the same time playing with some new creative sequencing that @casa_colibri and I are strumming together for some upcoming workshops, online class filming and ytt - Next stop, is @miamilifecenter In the middle of February after we film with @omstarsofficial - I already know of some beautiful souls coming and I honestly can wait! We still have room in the 4 workshops. So if your in the neighborhood or feel like coming for a weekend intensive, you can check the link in my profile bio or go to for the details. - Music @kellen_nguyen - #gracefulstrength - #handstand #movement #movementculture #moderndance #myart #yogalover #yogafit #onedayatatime #practicepracticepractice #traveltheworld #yogaworkshop #miamibeach #miamiyoga #venicebeach #losangeles #weekendvibes

I had this person the other day say, listen to me, I didn mean to hurt you - My response, without fully hearing, was ok I was forced to hear the same words again. Then I said, truly appreciate that, I hear you. - However, it wasn really that with me. Although I was happy to have the action acknowledged. There continues to be huge holes in communication with this particular friend and my feelings remain hurt. - Maybe this person didn mean to hurt me, but was that heshe intention? The intention of not hurting? Was I even taken into consideration? Seeing that the same actions or similar actions are still being done.- Often times and I guilty of it, in yoga class the teacher says, an intention and I don always. - But our intentions lead to our actions. So this week, every time I have an opportunity to set one I do. Even if it basic and not fully detailed. - It our responsibility to show others how we want to be treated. Realize our own actions effect others and at the same time our reactions do too. - Bring the attention to our intention.- Song @maxchalant What Next- Top- #thriftstorefinds - Bottoms - @lotustribeclothing - #gracefulstrength - #animalflow #movement #yogatherapy #yogalover #handstand #onedayatatime #soberissexy #fitchicks #ninja #beachvibes #venicebeach #losangeles

As we are taught more and more to take up space, own where we stand, and listen to our authentic nature, I so often see controversial issues brought up with out any true backing of the opinions stated.- Which leads me to believe that these issues are brought up merely for the intention of attention, masked with the idea that one is worldly, but yet when questioned... it crickets. - If you believe in something so much so, then make it known and stand up for what you are saying. Be ready to receive some backlash or even just thoughtful disagreement.- Today a company reached out to me for a paid sponsorship for clothing. I nicely declined stating that I was not looking to brand myself with any one particular group. - I feel strongly and passionately on this matter and feel that clothing has little to do with what I share on my platform. This is my opinion, and I am completely confident in it.- There are many situations that I can stand up for because I may have a of lack knowledge, or I simply waiver on both sides. So you don see me arguing about them here, or at least not in a definite I AM RIGHT sort of manner.- Yoga, to me, is learning who you are in the face of adversity and summoning your inner strength from it. - Stand tall, even if you are short (like me), stand proud, even if you are tired, and stand confident because this is your road, your journey and your voice. - #gracefulstrength - Outfit #thriftstorefinds -

Guys I putting in a good fight against a yucky cold no fun at all... but playing with my suitcase was - I appreciate any good well vibes seeing that I take flight in the early am for a long work week - Loving you guys and all your support it means so much to me. Xo-E- #gracefulstrength - Music @aquastonethrone for some Action found on Spotify - #myart #movement #yogalove #handstand #venicebeach #losangeles #miamiyoga #functionalfitness #bodyweighttraining #barrefitness #travelingyogi #traveltheworld #puravida #nycunderground #beats #undergroundhiphop

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