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Work it Outdoors After our photoshoot the other day we thought we would get a quick little workout in with the equipment we had on us for the shoot. We did this fun fat burn circuit: A1 15 x Weighted Step Ups (each leg), A2 15 x Burpees, A3 15 x Kettlebell Swings, A4 Ball Throw Downs, A5 30 secs boxing. Perform A1-A5 back to back with no rest in between and then rest at the end of A5 for 90seconds and repeat circuit 5 times. Have fun with that one babes #basebodybabeslove #training #workoutvideo #basebodyfitness #basebodybabes #happy #healthy #fit #strong #personaltrainers #strengthsystem #buildabasebody

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#Repost @greenworldtv AT THE DOOR OF EXTINCTION!! Here is Born Free Patron Actor Dan Richardson sitting by the worlds last remaining male northern white rhino - a stark reminder to what we have lost and a wake up call to making up protect the remaining rhino species left on earth before it is too late Remembering Rhinos is the sequel to Remembering Elephants, featuring rhino images donated by top wildlife photographers inc Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting Steve Winter. Edited by Margot Raggett Photography. GreenWorld TV asks its supporters to support Remembering Rhinos Kickstarter. Remembering Rhinos will follow on from Remembering Elephants and all profit raised will go towards vital conservation projects to help the rhinos in the world desperate attempt to stop their downward spiral towards extinction Remembering Rhinos will be a beautiful coffee table book, created with the aim of raising funds to fight rhino poaching and protect this endangered species. All images will be generously donated by some of the worlds top wildlife photographers, ensuring it will be a stunning and collectable tribute. It is the follow up to Remembering Elephants and a must-buy for anyone who bought that book. To support the Kickstarter campaign please visit www.kickstarter.comprojectsmargotraggettremembering-rhinos . . @greenworldtv @annekasvenskaofficial @dan710ths @bffoundation #news #animalnews #wildlifenews #greenworldtv #wildlifelovers #wildlife #animallovers #animals

Todays #TIUholidayhustle challenge... make a healthy TIU treat and bring into work and share! If you havent made anything yet, we love these Orange Zest Poppyseed Muffins! Recipe: 2 scoops #PerfectFitProtein 14 cup coconut flour 14 tsp. baking soda 1 Tbs fresh orange zest 14 cup egg whites 14 cup almond milk 14 cup coconut (melted) 12 orange, juiced 1 Tbs poppyseeds Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Mix together all dry ingredients. Add in all wet ingredients and stir until fully combined. Fold in orange zest, poppyseeds, and any add ins you wish to use. (We added dried cranberries!) Spray muffin tin with cooking spray and then pour in batter. Bake 12-15 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Makes 6 Muffins for your fellow bossbabes

And then Noodle did... @ctpowerfitexpo @flighttheduck. Full video on @periscope

Do you think everybodys looking at my ass... @shannon.jenkins @ctpowerfitexpo #CTPowerFitExpo #noodle #donkeymode #yourmom

Shoulders, arms abs tonight. Prob my fav ab exercise, hanging legs raises. I like to hang a little before I start so all the movement from the set up is gone doesnt take away from the tension on my lower abs #abs #fitness #yourmom

Day 27 #backtobackbends is Shalabhasana. We know youre wondering about an August challenge, so please stay tuned. We have something fun that we will announce in the next few days. Sorry for the delay but we had a last minute change of plans. Theres always so much going on behind the scenes to bring everything together for any project. Just like this backbend, Shalabhasana sets up the whole framework for strength and endurance to take you deeper into the spinal extensions of the practice. Check my YouTube channel for tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. Outfit by @aloyoga Video by @ifilmyoga

Day 28 #backtobackbends is Wild Thing, Camatkarasana. Just a few days left!!! Almost there, keep posting to make it to the end Flipping your side plank is a great way to find release and extension while keeping the foundation strength of the arm balance. Deepening backbends is always a mix between strength and flexibility. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. Outfit by @aloyoga Video by @ifilmyoga

Day 29 #backtobackbends is Kapotasana. This deep backbend from the Ashtanga Yoga Second Series brings many people to a physical, emotional and even spiritual edge. How does it feel for you? Kapotasana is the apex of the challenge. If you made it this far, keep it up!! Move deeper only when you get a green light from the body. Never force or crank your body before its ready. Wait for the space to be created and only after you have the strength and flexibility then move into the pose. Check my YouTube channel for lots of tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. Outfit by @aloyoga Video by @ifilmyoga

Day 30 #backtobackbends is Bakasana. One day left and we are way over 100,000 posts!!!! Youre all superstars It is always important to balance deep backbends with strength. This arm balance is like an activated childs pose, which is a great way to equalize the spine after deep backbends. Check my YouTube channel for lots of tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. Outfit by @aloyoga Video by @ifilmyoga

Day 31 #backtobackbends is Utkatasana. You are awesome!!! You shine bright like stars Did you make it through the whole challenge? Please leave a comment below Ending with Utkatasana resets the spine and lower back after all those backbends. Draw the thighs towards each other and suck the lower belly in. Sink into the hip creases and then straighten the arms to lift up, creating space along the center line. Check @beachyogagirl for another option. Outfit by @aloyoga Winners announced soon! Video by @ifilmyoga

My Back Workout! (vid is sped up x 2) . 5O% off my FIT program - link in profile. . @emilyskyefitness . . #fit #fitness #fitfam #workout #workout #workoutvideo #fitnessvideo #getfit #emilyskye #emilyskyefit

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