Dog Videos

what a good doggo

Me as a dog

someone help this poor doggo

this dog just summoned the devil

This dog...caught a fish...using croutons. Then walked off like Mufasa

This dog stole a GoPro 🤣

this doggo wins the challenge

Happy #woofwoofwednesday from Daisy friends! Have a great day everyone 😂 @dogcelebration #DogsofTwitter #dogsarefamily

I was featured on @GMA this morning! So awesome 🐾😎 @mariners @ClintFalin #barkatthepark #dogvshotdog #gomariners

stay away from my turf sea dog

This dog has to hold hands in the car ❤️

This French bulldog and his pig brother do everything together! 💞

This woman's love for her dog is so pure 💜

This dog grew up all alone in a junkyard, but she FINALLY found a family, her personality really started to shine through ❤️

Dodger found someone to harmonize with at the dog park. The result was a powerful duet. I just hope success doesn't go to their heads.

Taking a ride into town #funny #dogs

Group petting #WednesdayWisdom #dogs

Dog gets a head message #funny #dog #cows

Ladies love him! #funny #cute #dog ##GermanShepherd #puppy

This is one relaxed good boy. #relaxing #dogs #cuteanimals

i felt like sharing this video of my dog straight chillin

This is Ozzie. He wanted to share his panda with the other dog, but it turns out the other dog already has the EXACT SAME PANDA. 1310 h*ckin suspicious

Highlight: Matthew Nelson, founder of @dog_rates, joins us to talk doggos, social media, and monetization. "The first time I rated a dog 11 out of 10, people kind of lost their minds."

my dog has ear medicine she needs and the other one also thinks he needs it too.. nobody has the heart to tell him it's pretend..

He thought he arrived #funny #dogs #ThursdayThoughts

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