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This dog stole the babys toy — then apologized for it!

The dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s fighting ring are proving every day that there is nothing stronger than love ❤️

Raisin the rescued hairless cat works at a vet clinic and comforts patients — even the biggest dogs!

This Great Dane is going to make an amazing service dog — because hes just a giant goofball 😍

Yes, Ive trained my dog Phineas to assist me! He can scratch himself help me out with adjustments at the same time! Tag a pet lover and make them SMILE. Pets are amazing! #phineasthedog #dogsofinstagram #yogawithdogs

Its all fun and games until someone steps on your head. Just a follow up to my last post ... Phineas doesnt always listen but hes so darn cute, I cant be mad. #turnupyourvolume #phineasthedog #canyourelate? #dogsofinstagram #dogonyourhead

This dog is politely asking a cat if he can have his dinner back 🐕🙏

Who said cats and dogs can't be best friends??

Beautiful Enzo When the BJWT Foundation got Enzo he was bitten by a dog. But look at him now... Happy that it goes so well with Enzo. #blackjaguarwhitetiger @blackjaguarwhitetiger #nopets #savelions #saveourplanet #animal #animalvideo #animallovers #savetheanimals #lion #lions #ItsAllForLove #love #lovely #beautiful #behuman #istand4bjwt @roosbjwt @ayrtonmexicofan

This dog is brought back to life!

Solstice visualizes with his echolocation unit to find his friend! This short video clip shows Sol using his BlindSight echolocation unit to search for Cricket, and then to stand calmly and wait once he 'sees' her near his paddock. The BlindSight by @jordycanid makes a 3-wave sound similar to a dolphin. Sol hears the sound and is able to translate the echo into distance, texture and direction, getting a 'snapshot image' of the world around him, out to roughly 12ft. Thanks to BlindSight, Sol trots and even canters in his pasture at times, and easily finds and steps over or eats from a broad range of items. He also loves to follow the dogs and cats around, but we've not gotten good video of that to share...yet... BLINDSIGHT IS NOW AVAILABLE - for details - for both dogs and horses! more details on Sol at

This Dog Enjoying With Her Slide Turn your dog into a work of art!

Who said cats and dogs can't be best friends??

This dog doesn't realize who is the boss in this relationship. Hint: It's the cat.

People With A Fear Of Dogs Meet Pit Bull Puppies

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OMG, LAUGHING SO HARD!!? What is that noise?? Tag a friend! That's the pug I want? Credit @bonniecoco_ Like & Share Dogs Fans

I miss having a little nugget in the house!! ... even though they bite! Via @jadeandhergoldens Make sure you like Dogs World and stay tuned for more!

Seriously cutest dog ever!!!?

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The coolest dog ever!

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