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My dad sent me this video of his dogs and I cannot stop laughing

I think my dog is broken""

Happy #FridayFeeling friends! It feels like Fall & I'm loving it! Have a great day everyone 😊🍂 @dogcelebration #dogsoftwitter #autumnvibes

When you're watching Fail Army and your dog starts performing 😂 @failarmy

Happy #InternationalDogDay from FailArmy 🙃

Maybe even, it is time to start taking inspiration from the dog on living every moment #dog #inspiration #doglover #dogs

It's an honor to partner with The Art of Racing in the Rain, a movie that perfectly embodies everything we try to make you feel with this account. Please enjoy, and hug your dog when it's done

🕺🐕 when a dog discovered it's dancing potential 🐶🐾

Happy #MondayMotivation friends! Daisy is feeling a little frisky today 😂 @dogcelebration #dogsoftwitter #summer #nature #sillygirl

What's your #summerfun?🐬🏝🏖 Plunging is a big deal for doggies 🐶🐬🏝 Have a wonderful summer day 👒🏄🏼‍♀️🏖🌻🏝🐬☀️🍉 #GoodTimes #SummerVibes2019 🧚🏻‍♂️🌻👒🏄🏼‍♀️🍉🏝☀️

No cake is complete without a nice tuft of hair inside 🙃 #FailArmy #BirthdayCake #Doggy

#SteveIrwin would never.....Happy #NationalHotDogDay.

myworld2121 Omg 🤣🤣🐕 glad I do not have to bathe this dog 🛁🚿🐶but he's sure having fun time in the mud 👍😂😂 always a joy to visit you again my dear sweet Stefano 😍see you tomorrow apologies for missing you today we were here different times ⭐🌌 God bless you with sweet dreams 💤😴😘

Angry French bulldog throws tantrum over Cheerios.

When ya just wanna chill & watch TV but your dog is clearly saying... nope .. get up .. let's play🐾🗣😂 #doberman

My dog and I are both deaf so I try to teach her tricks in sign. I sign nice to meet you and then we shake paws

Happy #Saturday from Daisy friends! Enjoy your day with lots of sunshine ☀️ @dogcelebration #dogsoftwitter #summertime #familytime

Happy #woofwoofwednesday from Daisy friends! Have a great day 😁👍🏼 @dogcelebration @humorandanimals #dogsoftwitter #dogsarefamily

Taking the meaning of lap dog to a whole other level🐾🤗😂 #doberman Happy weekend friends🍃

That's a working dog 🌽

Doggo seeing hailstorm for the first time is the best thing you'll see today!⭐😁❤

BREAKING: Today, HSI Korea & our partner groups helped shut down Gupo Market, one of South Korea's largest dog meat markets! Together, we rescued 80+ dogs from slaughter. Please, DONATE to help us care for these dogs & help all animals worldwide:

Judo dog. 🐕🤼🙅🐕

Happy #MondayMotivation friends! Come on mama, I want those eggs! @dogcelebration #dogsoftwitter #SummerVibes

Ahh such a beautiful sound #JukinVideo #Doggy #Piano

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