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I met @Hozier at a dog rescue

Two days ago, @lostdogrescue posted a pic of a nearly empty kibble cupboard. Since then you all have sent them 6 vanloads of dog food and other items from their @amazon wishlist. They will most likely be shared with other shelters in the area. You guys are incredible ❤️

Yesterday @sunnyozell and I made a visit to @WagsandWalks beautiful adoption facility. I can't think of a better way to bring a dog into your life—the staff are so trained and knowledgeable, and the dogs...well, they're ALL perfect. #adoptdontshop #fosteringsaveslives #pitbulls

So we got my dog a puppy today and this was her reaction...

Happy #MondayMotivation friends! What nice fresh Spring air today. Have a great day everyone! @dogcelebration #dogsoftwitter #dogsarefamily

Happy #TongueOutTuesday friends!Where we going mama? 🐾 @dogcelebration #dogsoftwitter #dogsarefamily

Happy #FridayFeeIing friends! Oh yeah, smells like it's going to be a good day 👍🏼 @dogcelebration #dogsoftwitter #dogsarefamily

When dad goes into a store that doesn't allow dogs but there is a kitty in the window🐈🐾☹️🐾😤 #dobermans

My brother sent me this video of my dog in the wind and I thought I should share😂

This is Ziggy. The dog in the mirror won't stop copying him. Not even the reverse wiggle threw him off. 1410 please pick him pup

idk who's dog this is but i think he just sup nodded me and now i think we're dating

Guy adopted 45 dogs. They're now in paradise, a four acre enclosed preserve that is their forever home 💖🐶

Bear or dog? 🐻😍😂

This is a - Guilty Dog Compilation - !! 🐶😠😅

When your dog realize hisher best friend is also hisher biggest fan !! 💕

Happy #SaturdayMotivation friends! Nothing like a nice walk in the snow👍🏼 @dogcelebration #dogsoftwitter #dogsarefamily

I don't know why that dog is there, if it is brave or crazy etc ... but perhaps it can mean that sometimes the best defense is the attack, even against those who are much stronger than you !! ⚡️

- dogs ❤

Happy #woofwoofwednesday from Daisy friends! Have a great day 😁👍🏼 @dogcelebration #Dogsoftwitter #dogsarefamily

The Dogs of 2018

My favourite part of the day is turning the page on @dog_rates calendar and seeing what good doggo is in store today! 🙋🏼‍♀️

This dog is like a bolt of lightening!

Happy #Thursday friends! Don't worry, I'm staying indoors in these -0 temps today😱👍🏼 @dogcelebration #dogsoftwitter #freezing #winter

Happy #TongueOutTuesday friends! Come on, toss it mama, I won't miss 👍🏼 @dogcelebration #dogsoftwitter #dogsarefamily

🐕🐈🎈Meet the furry companions of our friends all over the world : The natural order of : 🐈🐕 precious kitten and generous, protective dogs ... 🐾 Sleeping together during these ice ❄️ ages ... 📽 via

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