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BREAKING: Today, HSI Korea & our partner groups helped shut down Gupo Market, one of South Korea's largest dog meat markets! Together, we rescued 80+ dogs from slaughter. Please, DONATE to help us care for these dogs & help all animals worldwide:

Judo dog. 🐕🤼🙅🐕

Happy #MondayMotivation friends! Come on mama, I want those eggs! @dogcelebration #dogsoftwitter #SummerVibes

Ahh such a beautiful sound #JukinVideo #Doggy #Piano

This afternoon the Humane Rescue Alliance took in 10 dogs and 5 cats in the wake of tornadoes and flooding in Oklahoma. The emergency transport, coordinated by the @HumaneSociety, included 130 dogs and cats from the Tulsa Animal Welfare League.

Dog raising a baby Deer.

When you've just gotten the newest games from #E3 but you haven't fed your dog 😂 #JukinVideo

Happy #TongueOutTuesday from Daisy friends! Have a great day 😎👍🏼 @dogcelebration #dogsoftwitter #dogsarefamily #vacation

Happy #TongueOutTuesday from Daisy friends! Have a great day 😁👍🏼 @dogcelebration #dogsoftwitter #dogsarefamily #nature

🐕🎈Meet the furry companions of our friends all over the world : 🐕 Today: „OMG ... dog schools are so demanding ... my head crashes ... I‘m afraid I ain‘t the least talent for the math ... „ 🐕🐶🐕 Day 🌞& Night 🎥

That dog blanket magic trick...😮🐶😅.!!

I met @Hozier at a dog rescue

Two days ago, @lostdogrescue posted a pic of a nearly empty kibble cupboard. Since then you all have sent them 6 vanloads of dog food and other items from their @amazon wishlist. They will most likely be shared with other shelters in the area. You guys are incredible ❤️

Yesterday @sunnyozell and I made a visit to @WagsandWalks beautiful adoption facility. I can't think of a better way to bring a dog into your life—the staff are so trained and knowledgeable, and the dogs...well, they're ALL perfect. #adoptdontshop #fosteringsaveslives #pitbulls

So we got my dog a puppy today and this was her reaction...

Happy #MondayMotivation friends! What nice fresh Spring air today. Have a great day everyone! @dogcelebration #dogsoftwitter #dogsarefamily

Happy #TongueOutTuesday friends!Where we going mama? 🐾 @dogcelebration #dogsoftwitter #dogsarefamily

Happy #FridayFeeIing friends! Oh yeah, smells like it's going to be a good day 👍🏼 @dogcelebration #dogsoftwitter #dogsarefamily

When dad goes into a store that doesn't allow dogs but there is a kitty in the window🐈🐾☹️🐾😤 #dobermans

My brother sent me this video of my dog in the wind and I thought I should share😂

This is Ziggy. The dog in the mirror won't stop copying him. Not even the reverse wiggle threw him off. 1410 please pick him pup

idk who's dog this is but i think he just sup nodded me and now i think we're dating

Guy adopted 45 dogs. They're now in paradise, a four acre enclosed preserve that is their forever home 💖🐶

Bear or dog? 🐻😍😂

This is a - Guilty Dog Compilation - !! 🐶😠😅

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