Dog Videos

This couple knew they wanted to adopt a senior dog — and this little old man surprised them in the best possible way 🐶💞

This sanctuary rescues wild horses from auctions where theyre rounded up to be sold to anyone who will buy them. Theyre so scared at first, but a giant dog always makes sure they get plenty of attention 🐴❤️🐶 (via @SkydogSanctuary)

This "teacup" pig was only weeks old when his family abandoned him for being too big. But now he has a new home and his VERY OWN DOG 🐶 ❤️

This poor dog somehow survived 3 WEEKS with his head trapped inside a bottle. Once he was finally safe, his rescuers realized his puppies had been following him around the whole time 🐶❤️️ (via @TXKAnimal)

This woman heard about a sweet dog whod been through so much, and the deadline to adopt him was her birthday. So she instantly had a feeling they were meant to be together — and she was right 💞 (via @HWAC)

These total strangers rallied together to rescue a stranded dog. Most intense human chain ever!

If youre having a bad day, heres a mother dog playing with her pups

Dogs and kids growing up together — this is what the world needs right now!

Dog Umbrella Dance

This dog saved a baby deers life when she saw him drowning in the sea, then stayed with him to make sure he was okay ❤️💕

No Hugs for Dog

Cat misses dog after being apart for 10 days

When a fluffy cloud decides to be a doggo

The Dog lady of New Delhi spends her day feeding and nursing more than 400 stray dogs.

Dog keeps girl from wandering too far out in the ocean.

Dogs are so ridiculously dramatic at life lmao.

Dog gets nervous at the groomers so human got groomed as well to make her feel better. #BestFriend #funny #lol #dogsoftwitter

I had 4 dogs climb into my UPS truck looking for treats today #dogsarelove

Hi there! #petvideo #dogoftheday #dogsoftwitter #FridayFeeling

When you just gotta get that big Mac... #funny #lol #dogsoftwitter

Sled Doggo #funny #pets #clever #snowdog #dogsoftwitter

lovely family #doglovers #Huskies #dogs #NewYearsEve

Car full of Berners #NewYearsResolutionsForPets #SaintBerner #dogsoftwitter #HappyNewYear2018

Get snow? Make a dog maze! #HappyNewYear #dogsoftwitter

Self-sufficient dog takes himself for a walk. #funny #NewYearsResolution #dogsoftwitter

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