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This rescue cat saved a lambs life! (via @HappyTailsFarms)

Captured by - @sidventures So the last few weeks, Ive been in and out of Varanasi. Crazy travelling schedule. Yesterday morning, I was at Assi Ghat to witness subah-e-benares. Varanasi in winters is a unique experience. There was this foggy hue all around and a blanket of mist over the Ganga River. The only color was that of the rising sun across on Ramnagar side. It was nature painting its best strokes. . These two boys were catching fish early in the morning, while I was sitting on the Ghat refreshing my phone continuously, to catch up the US election live results. . Life in Varanasi moves at a different pace. It is like a world within a world. A microcosm. In its own unique world. Stuck in time. The contrast couldnt have been starker. And yes, today I realized Ive now got 5000 of you wonderful people following my stories. It is indeed very humbling. Thank you all for all your love and appreciation #varanasi #ngtdailyshot #mypixeldiary #everydayindia #bnw #instatravel #dslrofficial #_indiasb #getgalvanised #beautifuldestinations #indiapictures #jj_portraits #streetphotographyindia #vscoindia #incredibleindia #desi_diaries #incredibleindiaofficial #indianphotographers #_soi #storiesofindia #agameoftones #vscocam #getgalvanised #neverstopexploring #indianphotography #lonelyplanetindia #india_gram #passionpassport #livetravelchannel #thephotosociety

Cats Oreo!

Here is the actual video of this human piece of garbage. I hope they find you and throw you off the cliff asshole. #Repost @midtownrocky #midtownrocky Repost 11 Los Angeles WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE THESE DAYS? CALIFORNIA PLEASE HELP!!! SOMEONE KNOWS THIS COWARD WHO WAS CAUGHT THROWING HIS DOG OVER THE HILLSIDE. DISTURBING VIDEO: Neighbors say that a dog was thrown at least 15 feet off the hillside and they believe it was the dogs owner who did it. He drove off in a Audi sedan. The entire scene was caught on security video and we warn you some viewers might find the video disturbing. (Via Victoria Spilabotte) #animalabuse #california #losangeles #Regrann #dogsofinstagram #dogoftheday #losangelesdogs #dogs #dog #ilovedogs #reportanimalabuse #stopanimalcruelty #dogoftheday #Theirlivesmatter #viral #BeTheirVoice #animalcrueltyisafelony #KarmaIsABitch PLEASE HELP ME SHAREREPOST TO CATCH THE SCUM BAG!!!

These big cats were just released from the circus — and are taking their first steps toward a new life?

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This cute cat's favorite thing to do is love her human...

Could this little one be any cuter?Awesome Cat stuff -

"Yummy finger!" Awesome Cat stuff -

Capture this video??? Awesome Cat stuff -

Does your cat like being brushed? The perfect toy for your Cat -

Is there anything more adorable? Awesome Cat stuff -

Cuteness overload! Awesome Cat stuff

Aww they are so adorable! Cat beds -

No matter where you go, I will stick with you! Awesome Cat stuff

All you need is a cutie and a box... Awesome Cat stuff -

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?? Awesome Cat stuff -

"What's this wet stuff?"Awesome Cat stuff -

This cat loves her human so much!

Bobcat Morgan provides a real life demonstration about why we're a no contact facility. Read more about why we feel strongly about that here:…/

Todays #hollowbacksandfirelogs exercise! Im going to post 2 seperate videos (as I still cant figure out any fancy editing on my phone!) 2 blocks (or books or chairs etc) cross the feet in front of you and lift the bum and rock forward and back keeping the feet in front and try hinging at the shoulders. bring the feet behind your blocks and press the front the feet against the blocks pushing off them as many as you can here! need to be engaged and core needs full engagement! Also a little tip is to focus on your pelvis and lower core and tilt it upwards. #hollowback requires core strength as well as shoulders and arms so this will really help! like me youre working on jump backs this is a super exercise to practise them! Posting 2nd video now too thats shows jump through using blocks! @yogagirluk for daily tips on firelog pose! #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #flexibility #fit #catbradleyhollowbacktips #BeStrong2015

Video number 2 for todays #hollowbacksandfirelogs exercise! have a #yogalution that this year I will master full jump through back! So anyone with me will like this one! tip here is when you get the feet back press them into the back of the blocks (or wrists if you can) and use the momentum to send the feet all the way back! as many as you can here too and you will feel stronger each day if practised daily!!!! #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #flexibility #fit #catbradleyhollowbacktips #hollowback #BeStrong2015

little headstand flow for #marchheadstandmaniacs which is scorpion #headstand today. i could figure out how to speed up video on android I wouldnt need to go so fast! Anyone out there know any apps i could try? tip Im going to give here for piking into supported headstand is this: (mega tip than keeping your palms apart with your head resting in your open palms, interlace fingers and CLOSE your palms, rest top of head on floor between your forearms keeping palms CLOSED. further forward your head is towards your feet, the easier it is to pike up. the further back you can drag your hips the easier it is to float the feet. your toes as close to your face as you can until you feel that float, or try bringing knees into chest one at a time. in supported headstand is harder than tripod but i hope these tips help someone. Eventually you wont need to do this but it really helped me when i was learning to pike. #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #fitness #flexibility #handstand #fit #stronggirls @k.deer #catbradleyyogatips

ACTUALLY happened today!!!!!!!!!! stand to baby bakasana (crow) lift back up but this is ny first time actually doing this!! Im so happy i actually had my video recording!!! bakasana or crow is harder than standard crow in my opinion... best tip i can give anyone else working on this is; dont be afraid to send the shoulders as far forward as you can, this means your nose will get dangeroulsy close to the mat (scary moment) Trust yourself and your strength and keep squeezing those elbows towards eachother and engage the chest to stay stable. You do need your core to work hard here too. other tip is when youre lowering the knees you will need to draw the hips back as much as you can to retain stability and balance. this helps someone else, any questions just ask #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #fitness #flexibility #handstand #fit #stronggirls #progress #armbalance #forearmstand #crowpose @k.deer #catbradleyyogatips

Day 4 #COREofgratitude is Bakasana, Crane Pose. Stabilize the shoulder girdle, engage the abs, and calm th mind. Keep the back rounded and tuck the tailbone. Check my YouTube channel for lots of tutorials . Each post helps raise money for Odandi, a charity based in India dedicated to stopping human trafficking with an emphasis on women and children (see for more info). Just by getting on your mat you are making a difference!! . Did you catch my L-sit tutorial and evening meditation today on Periscope? Over 10,000 people tuned into the L-sit class on the beach. Follow me and tune in live (link in bio). . #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime . Check @beachyogagirl for another option and check @new2yoga for beginners options by @ifilmyoga Enter each day and you might one of three lucky people to win an awesome mat from @liforme .

Day 11 #COREofGratitude is Grasshopper Pose. This fun arm balance demands a big hip opening so go slowly and dont rush. . Ive had a crazy night. I am posting from my iPad which I am grateful to have. I went into the Apple Store to ask why my headphone jack wasnt working on my new phone. Before I knew it the Genius Bar guys were taking out my SIM card, wiping out my two week old phone and giving me a new phone. Happy to get it resolved, Ive been spending the evening in a mad dash to restore my data, which was a multi step process that started with updating the iOS, wiping the data, waiting as the phone got stuck and seemed to kill itself and then resurrected only when I prayed over it. Really, I am not even kidding. Oh and this video? @ifilmyoga had to send it to me so I could post. And now, a nice long exhale as I wait two weeks for the rest of my photos and videos to restore again. . Check @beachyogagirl for another option. Check @new2yoga for beginners. Every post raises money for Odanadi, a charity based in India aimed at ending human trafficking. And three people will win @liforme mats . Guess who I am seeing tomorrow? Leave me a comment if you want me and @beachyogagirl to do a periscope tutorial on the pose. Did you catch my bird of paradise tutorial on the beach today? Link in bio. .

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Cats are pure entertainment. I can watch them all day.

My cat has purr-fect etiquette!

Go under the knife as the big cats get surgery to improve their lives. Watch more at

Celebrating the 500th kitten fostered at Big Cat Rescue.All kittens live in the four intern houses with the interns.During the day while the interns work caring for the big cats the kitten that are healthy and old enough to have their shots spend their days playing in the Kitten Cabana.At the end of the day they go back home with the interns.When the kitten reach 2 pounds they return to the Humane Society, very well socialized, and read to find their furever families.Watch the kitten on their live streaming webcam at…/player/big-cat-rescue-kitten-cabanaFind all the web cams at

Pecan knows exactly how to get his treats. #cats #catsofinstagram #funnyanimals #catvideo ( @pecanthenut)

Can you imagine how this cat reacted after being separated from his owner for 20 days?

Adorable cat ! Tag a friend! by @bujibuchempel

This poor cat was stuck behind a wall, but rescuers refused to give up until he was safe.

Having a cat is like

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