Cat Videos

This cat is a refugee, and his family relies on him more than ever now 💜 (via @TheIRC)

This pit bull spent 2 weeks alone in a canyon because she was too scared to let people catch her. But when they finally did, she became SUCH a big mush 😍

The Black Footed cat is the smallest wild cat in Africa and one of the smallest wild cats in the world.

Stray cat refuses food unless its in carry bag. One day, lady follows to find out her secret

Big Cats Pool Party 🏊

Cat misses dog after being apart for 10 days

First cat Ive seen not push the other off 😂

Cats vs Metronome

This cattle seeing the beach and sand for the first time and LOVING it #rescue #SaveLives #AnimalRescue #GoVegan

Cat transforms to its liquid form #CatsOfTwitter #CatsCountdown #NewYearsEve

Super cat the guardian of the city is watching you. #OMG #IWokeUpThisMorningAnd #NewYearsDay

Shower time for puma #puma #bigcat

Cats coming out of a watering can. #Caturday #cats

"Quac...I mean.. meaw!" #CatsOfTwitter #duckoftheday #MondayMotivation

You look like you might play catch with me. Will you? Please. #adorableanimals #Dalmatian #dogsoftwitter

Students Surprise Teacher with Kittens After Her Cat of 16 Years Passed Away #MondayMotivation #Caturday

You look like you might play catch with me. Will you? Please.

Hungry Caterpillar eating leaf 🍃

Rt if youve never seen an Asp Caterpillar before

I’m not a fan of people keeping wild cats as pets; that being said, this adorable Puma was rescued from a petting zoo, & is clearly too tame to return to the wild. Find more cute videos here➡️ instagram.comi_am_puma

Must be one very well-fed cat!

I need this #cat in my life #love 😍🤗

This girl is working hard to save all the cats most people dont know exist ❤️ (via @BestFriends)

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