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This dog is politely asking a cat if he can have his dinner back 🐕🙏

When you're super dope with your cat

Who said cats and dogs can't be best friends??

Solstice visualizes with his echolocation unit to find his friend! This short video clip shows Sol using his BlindSight echolocation unit to search for Cricket, and then to stand calmly and wait once he 'sees' her near his paddock. The BlindSight by @jordycanid makes a 3-wave sound similar to a dolphin. Sol hears the sound and is able to translate the echo into distance, texture and direction, getting a 'snapshot image' of the world around him, out to roughly 12ft. Thanks to BlindSight, Sol trots and even canters in his pasture at times, and easily finds and steps over or eats from a broad range of items. He also loves to follow the dogs and cats around, but we've not gotten good video of that to share...yet... BLINDSIGHT IS NOW AVAILABLE - for details - for both dogs and horses! more details on Sol at


Who said cats and dogs can't be best friends??

Cat rejected by 5 previous owners finally finds a human that loves her! Instagram:

This dog doesn't realize who is the boss in this relationship. Hint: It's the cat.

Please pass this on the the cat lovers in your life.

Funniest Cat Boxing ever.?????????? For more -\-\-…

This cat's 'supernatural powers' are love and affection!

This cat has Wobbly cat syndrome but he's purrfectly loved!

Lovers of cat, are you here??

Golden Retriever Is Waiting For His Friend To Catch Up

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Im coming back in my 8th life to live with this cats parents

Cat vs. dog.. if Doggie thinks he will easily win cause hes biggie..hes thinking wrong.. cause this cat is savage..😘💕👍😂🐶💪🐾🐈🐾💪🐶😂👍😘😘

Cats have snake eyes.. Bothers me.

When this dog lost her cat, she was devastated — until she met the sweetest little babies 💕💕

Cat Radar 😂✨😼 When they know youre talking about them, lol 😁 Via Imgur App.

Let me enjoy a little more... I dont wanna start the week yet😻😽🐈🐾 #cats #catlovers

This couple thought their family of special needs cats was full — until they met these tiny kittens 💞💞💞

This cat can run so fast on 2 legs — and his mom decided to find him a brother just like him 😻😻

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