Good morning my friends... What a sweetheart.🤗🤗🤗

cheyenne8304 @Misha19800 @whiteteddybear5 @poupouch48 @mialleixa34 @rog_tey Coucou Cheyenne 😽💜🐾💐🌈🌿💜 Eliott lui aussi fait des pirouettes Bonne fin d'apr?s midi? toi et? tous Bisous 😽🐾💜🌈💐🌿☀️🌺🌿🌈💜😽

Hey dear friends😘😁💖have missed you all this week. I'm having surgery on my swollen throat today. Doctors cant figure out what's wrong with me. I'm a mystery😱😁anyway...see ya later and have a wonderful weekend everyone. Always much love for you all

Pouting a bit cause the weather is yuck⛈ but looking so cute non the less🐾🤗🥰 #doberman Happy Wednesday friends🐫

🐕 🎈Fox: „I can‘t understand how my ma could leave me back here all alone ... 🐾 but I‘ll be the first to know when she‘s back ... hmmh ... not yet her ... 🐾 🐕🐶🐕 Day 🌞& Night 🌛💗

🐕 🎈Zeus' column "By Jove" ... 🐾 Today: "Me, and getting at age ... 🐾 What can I say ... there are some of us who do not appear to get any elder ... and I ... in all modesty count me among them ...🐾 But ... astonishing enough ... we still do ... 🐕🐶🐕 Day 🌞& Night 🌛💗

Pleeez💤 Pleeeez💤 Pretty pleeeez‼️ We want the weekend today❗️ Have a great day y'all 👩🏼🐈🐕🧚🏻‍♂️💓🧸💕 #AlmostWeekendVibes 😽💓

Mommy... 😽💕 I don't wanna go to Kitty School today 📚 I've found a comfy room & I wanna stay here all day... 🐈💓 Have a lovely day y'all #MidWeekVibes 👩🏼🐈🧚🏻‍♂️🥰🌸💓

Everybody needs ❤️❗️😸😽💕 Wishing y'all a beautiful & blessed new day full of love ❤️ It's #AlmostWeekend 👩🏼🐈🐈🥰🌸💓🧚🏻‍♂️💕🎈

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