When you check to see if she still mad By @prada_in_training

Step 1: Apply peanut butter to nose. Step 2: Enjoy By @charlie_the_golden18

Let get sudsy By @amora_golden_

Something seems to be missing By @ruff.ranger

Life is good By @oatmealcrumb

Carpet surfing with @churro_the_goldie

No more pupperazi! By @justjamiehannah

When your favorite song comes on By @goldenloutriever

When your dog stages an intervention By @mmori46

PSA: Scotch tape is sticky By @hudsonsgoldengrams

Efficiency Level: Expert By @theodore_waffles

Sliding into your DMs like By @jumbosgolden

( : @omgdeedee ) That time Gus cashed in the Valentine massage. #pleasantcats

( : @tussetroll_and_tingeling ) Tingeling classics #pleasantcats

( : @metatroneyes_maine_coons ) 2 weeks later, she still has the cutest yawn #pleasantcats

( : @best_coast ) Really tight punches a little later, knockout may come! #pleasantcats

( : @yves_the_cat ) Creative solution for an old brush for eyelashes #pleasantcats

( : @curlysnow0915 ) I bloody love you, Meowmy . . #pleasantcats

( : @junethekitty ) I can be a little over excited! PS: the cat door was open, I just wanted to say Hi #pleasantcats

( : @henrykingcat ) Sometimes it seems to me that Henry is running at the speed of light. #pleasantcats

( : @fantasticflora ) I totally meant to do that! (Monty) #pleasantcats

Good morning #pleasantcats

( : @cat_topaz ) So cute #pleasantcats

( : @mugimeshi323 ) . . . . Nail clippers . . #pleasantcats

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