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I cant handle his hat


Guy has an amazing escape when he hits an eagle paragliding.

Snow leopards are amazing.

Awesome broken bridge prank.

If you're having a bad day just watch this young girl getting the news she's being adopted. 😍

Amazing gentleman. 👏🏻

These people definitely got the skills to pay the bills.

Amazing real life hero.

The awesome people of Brazil post it noted this guys car for parking in a disabled spot. 👏🏻

We all need that special friend.

Doesn't seem like 5 years ago Felix jumped or fell which ever way you look at it into the record books. #awsome

Awesome firework.

Amazing how this calf has learned to get about. 😃

This dad uses a small pitch to explain what's going on down on the field to his blind son.

The most amazing welcome home ever.

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