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This. Is. Un. Real...😳😱🤭

Fails Of The Week has been taken off YouTube, but we've still got it up on our app 🤙 Check out a preview below and see the full video here

How is he supposed to fight Megatron looking like THAT? #Transformers #RobotsInDesperateNeedOfHelpInLife

In this episode of "Will She Make It?" 😢😂#FailArmy

When you try to eat a whole popsicle in ONE BITE this is what happens

The next Spiderman movie after yesterday's deal 😂

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Bears are just getting too savvy now lol

BRAND NEW "Fails Of The Week" for August 23rd! Full Video:

Tag someone who's trash 😂

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He kept telling them to get off the boat. Did they listen? No.

Happy #InternationalDogDay from FailArmy 🙃

#HowIGotThroughHighSchool Detention was recess 😂

#HowIGotThroughHighSchool Skipping class to prank another class 🙃

#HowIGotThroughHighschool Being absolutely strange af 😳

When Pinatas Strike Back!

The moment you feel weightless on your board is the moment you know there is no turning back. 😬😬 @failarmy

In today's episode of "Will He Make It" 😳 😂

Ziplines are fun until they aren't 🙃

Hope this disaster doesn't happen to you this weekend 🙃

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You're supposed to aim for the water dude

This just gets funnier the more you watch it 😂

Water Ski wipeouts are some of my favorite wipeouts 🙃

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