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This cat is a refugee, and his family relies on him more than ever now 💜 (via @TheIRC)

Its hard to believe this is a real animal. (via @caters_news)

This 2-legged-kitten somehow survived in a forest — and now theres nothing he cant do 💪💕 (via @TinyKittensHQ)

This couple knew they wanted to adopt a senior dog — and this little old man surprised them in the best possible way 🐶💞

This lamb fell down a very narrow well — his rescuer could barely squeeze down there! But once he was back on land, it was so sweet to see who was waiting for him 🐑💞 (via @BlueCross_)

This sanctuary rescues wild horses from auctions where theyre rounded up to be sold to anyone who will buy them. Theyre so scared at first, but a giant dog always makes sure they get plenty of attention 🐴❤️🐶 (via @SkydogSanctuary)

These people found a GIANT SNAKE IN THE TOILET, aka our worst nightmare 😱

This bear mom was out fishing with her family when a male bear tried to eat her babies — and she responded the way any mom would 💪

When this woman adopted a Great Dane puppy, she had no idea he was different — and when she found out, she adopted his brother too 🐶🐶💕

These people pulled a cold, wet kitten from a pipe — then they heard more cries coming from inside 😻 (via @caters_news)

This woman has a house full of rescued hedgehogs. Shes saved hundreds of them after they got hurt or sick in the wild — and theres one little girl shell never forget ❤️

This guy started helping an abandoned baby robin find worms to eat, and now they have the cutest relationship 🐦💕

This pit bull spent 2 weeks alone in a canyon because she was too scared to let people catch her. But when they finally did, she became SUCH a big mush 😍

This "teacup" pig was only weeks old when his family abandoned him for being too big. But now he has a new home and his VERY OWN DOG 🐶 ❤️

This is what it looks like when 100,000 baby river turtles start life in the wild 🐢💚

This family of geese was walking along a busy highway, so cops decided to escort them to safety 👏👏👏

This poor dog somehow survived 3 WEEKS with his head trapped inside a bottle. Once he was finally safe, his rescuers realized his puppies had been following him around the whole time 🐶❤️️ (via @TXKAnimal)

This woman heard about a sweet dog whod been through so much, and the deadline to adopt him was her birthday. So she instantly had a feeling they were meant to be together — and she was right 💞 (via @HWAC)

This little girls about to get the birthday present of her DREAMS 💞😭

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