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RT thehumanxp: Just some wild horses on a beach to put some peace into your heart.

Missy V loves getting pets 😍

They're holding paws 😍

Look at lil Rosy 😍

Merlin is a fluffy fetch playing 3 year old Ragdoll cat

Life comes at you fast 🙃

Why so serious?

When your girl catches you cheating but won't let you explain...😳😩😂 (IG: @MikeRuga, DesireeVanessaa, BluJasmine_)

When you celebrate too early 😂

Block or charge?🏀🤷‍♂️🥩😱💥😂

When you break the 4th wall, the 4th wall breaks you!

I don't think firecrackers are supposed to go that way 😳

when someone say ur joke louder than u and get all the credit

What could go wrong if I pour lighter fluid all over my pants? 🔥🔥 @failarmy #fire #whatcouldgowrong #donttrythisathome #epicfail #failoftheday #dontdoit #skaterboy

Everybody's got a plan till they crash inside their tube 🙃

Yikesssss! He's okay though, but damn.

Diving in the DM's as a "5"

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