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This is Benjamin. He is Froot Loops. 1410

This is Penny. She has degenerative myelopathy, but that didn't stop her from dressing pup. 1410 would jump in front of bananas for

Shelter dog can't stop jumping for joy ❤️

This is Juno. She's new to fetch but is trying her best and that's all we can really ask for tbh. 1310

I have watched this approximately 9,345,678 times so far today

This is Bennie. He was hit by a car as a puppy and lost both his back legs. Today, his owner added skis to his assistive cart, and he couldn't be happier. 1410

❤️ this tweet to be invited to our virtual watch party of #LadyAndTheTramp this Sunday on @disneyplus. We're going to live tweet all the magic right here! #DisneyPartner

We hope you and your dogs are puppared! Our live tweet party of #LadyAndTheTramp starts now. Watch along on @DisneyPlus! #DisneyPartner

This is Dave. He goes to hydrotherapy every week to strengthen his legs. Usually just floats around. Maybe a quick nap too. 1410 you're doing great Dave

A Florida dog put a car into reverse and drove it in circles for nearly an hour

This is Toffi. She tried her best and that's all we can ask for. 1210 and the couch is cancelled

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood for some Nice Tweets, read by @tomhanks himself!

Incoming cutie 🐱

this is mine now 😻

wait for it

When the dog said 😛 i felt that

The cat is in the bag

'So it was you moving that thing all along?'

'You see? I'll always be your lapdog'

When your pet has a pet

'I understand you need this shampoo'

May we finally know who let the dogs out?

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