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Faith in humanity restored

'I gotta warn you, I'm an expert in self defense...'

This is Alice. Without your undivided attention she could explode. 1310 not sure why you'd risk it

This is Penny. She would like to take a moment and teach you about determination. A stick calculating queen. 1410 never give pup

mialleixa34 @Misha19800 @cheyenne8304 @poupouch48 @Didinette02 @rog_tey Coucou 👋 😁 Mia 💕 Merci 😍 🤗 Excellente journ?e 🌞 😎 😸 💕? toi aussi 💕et? tous 💚bises 😘 💋 💕

cheyenne8304 @Misha19800 @poupouch48 @Didinette02 @mialleixa34 @rog_tey Coucou 👋 😁 ma Cheyenne 💖 Non pas le soleil ☀ !! c'est l'odeur de ton caf? ☕ 👍😀 Merci !! Bonne journ?e 🌞 😎? toi aussi 💖 et? tous 💚bises 😘 💋 💖

Великолепной новой недели, дорогие друзья.

Прекрасного воскресенья, дорогие друзья.

Всем прекрасных выходных и хорошего отдыха.




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