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#Happy - Astavkrasana This was one of the first arm balance transitions that I learned when I started doing yoga. Today is Day 2 of #UPLIFTteenyoga Challenge sponsored by @UPLIFTyogabash @fit_INFLUXR I have teamed up with 13 other inspiring Yogis to bring you this 14 day challenge that promotes teens who LOVE practicing yoga for a great cause. Each day will have a pose of the day post by one of our teen teachers @SeaVibesYoga @SkylerYoga @LexxYoga @KayahYoga followed an inspirational first hand testimonial from one of our Guest Yogi Hosts to tell of a time they could have used yoga most as a teenager. When I was around 12 and 13 years old, I was a very small, weird, awkward kid. I had a very hard home life, very few friends and a whole lot of anger. I had very little love for myself and I would take it out on others. I wish I had yoga back then to help me to understand how to love myself and for the community to support me and lift me up. I am so grateful now to have found yoga. Thank God for growing up! Shorts by @vuoriclothing

Ashley cruises around 110 lbs, Im around 150 lbs., but yet she knows how to hold her plank so solid that I can press up on her. Not my prettiest press but thats not the point! Plank pose is a strength building pose. If you learn how to properly engage the core to stabilize the body, engage straight arm scapular strength and develop muscle recruitment you can change your entire practice to become stronger and more efficient. #beyondbalance #yoga #yogaforstrength #yogainspiration #handstand #girlpower

Hollowbak! Hollowback to EPK1 (eka pada bak asana) I love this transition! Its really fun to find the flow, switching legs while transitioning through hollowback. This combines open shoulders and shoulder girdle stability to evenly work the front and back body. #beyondbalance #hollowback #epk #yoga #yogaforstrength #yogainspiration #beachyoga #handstand Also check my website. Ive added a bunch more workshops this year and more to be added later. See if Im coming to your town!

#WCW @ashleygalvinyoga Is this seat taken? Suck it, Spider-Man! #fitcouple #yoga #beyondbalance #beachyoga

Core and Legs workout for the weekend. credit @stef_fit_

Body Goals?! credit @livzeyy

Yay? credit @kelsrfloyd

Body Goals?! credit @dannibelle

Tag your partner and start workout. credit @linnlowes

Yay? credit @jeanettedelmar

Target?! credit @angelienee

Outfit for workout. Yay? credit @ivana.santacruz

Body Goals?! credit @livzeyy

Yay? credit @elsyootd

Justhypeofficial are giving one of my followers the chance to win $100 worth of Hype Stock, for the chance to win simply follow @justhypeofficial and like the post

Tag your workout partner. credit @xenia

Yay? credit @kathiischr

Target?! credit @bethanymoore

Yay? credit @zaraamaria

Yummy?! credit @lauraponts

Target?! credit @kathiischr

Yay? credit @gypsea_lust

Yay? credit @dicolaaa

Breakfast! Yay? credit @hapatime

Body Goals! credit @madelinemercedes

Target?! credit @hildeee

This girl was too ill to visit Florence and the Machine concert, so they paid her a visit. R.I.P Karinya

#chillwildlife submission from @ajkiyoi.

By @pacikanin_mutfagi Follow @make.up.vines Follow @simple.easy.nails Follow @1minutefashions

Credit @drdancake Follow @make.up.vines Follow @simple.nails.vids

By: @adamsaaks Follow @make.up.vines Follow @1minutefashions Follow @simple.easy.nails

AWESOME By: @tips_andtutor Follow @make.up.vines Follow @1minutefashions Follow @simple.easy.nails

This pit bull is so sad, yet so cozy.

This rescue cat saved a lambs life! (via @HappyTailsFarms)

This octopus is BLOWING UP.

Now you can see life through the eyes of a polar bear!

This dog is going to play fetch and does NOT CARE if the snow is taller than she is!

These birds pull out ALL the stops when asking a lady to mate.

These people were surfing when suddenly — DOLPHINS!

This dog is trying SO hard to get these cows to play with him!

Nosey is still forced to perform and give rides — even though shes been doing it for three decades. thedo.dofreenosey (via @PETA)

This little boy CANT STOP LAUGHING when he sees his dog jumping.

These rabbits have been together since they were babies — and they dont let each other out of their sight.

Heres a simple recipe on how to make dog treats with just 4 ingredients.

Seriously, who WOULDNT want to be a dog?!

This little Yorkie is absolutely FLAWLESS.

This is what tall friends are for.

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