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'Hay! Don't bale on me'

Who's adopting whom?

No match for Bulldog-dozer

cutest kitten I've ever seen. 😍

This puppy could only lie flat as a pancake — but look at him now! 😭💛

Hungry rabbit 🐰🍍🐰🍍🐰🍍

Next weekend promises to be an exciting one for pet lovers in #Bengaluru as the city hosts the 2019 edition of @petfedindia on the 16th and 17th of November. We revisit some interesting cat zone moments from last year's edition. #cats #pets #events #CatsOfTwitter @DinoMorea9

Me trying to eat healthy 😂 (mr.aussie.apollo IG)

My turn!

We had a fun day at #PetFed Bengaluru today @petfedindia #pet #events #weekend

Actual footage of how I look and feel on Monday's...

Parrot in a poncho

#OneMoment You may have heard of people becoming #cat burglars but this is the real deal!

Get up Karen. This empty bowl aint gonna fill itself

Listen with the sound on...

I was worried how my cat would respond to the new kitten. Turns out I had nothing to worry about!

This is Willo. She likes to awoo while she eats. Tonight's meal was worthy of a gentler, but perhaps more meaningful, second awoo. 1310

The only ambulance I want picking me up

This is Sebastian. He knows sky water tastes the best. Not sure why he's the only one taking advantage of this. 1410 hydrated as h*ck

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