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Somewhere Id rather be. #turtle #seaturtle #sealife #seaworld #tortoise #fish #coral #hawaiian #reef #ocean Clark Little Photography

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Rubs Ive compiled the best tips for you here based on my personal experience with Mr.Pokee. Read the full blog post at! Link in Bio. 1.Habituation: Hedgehogs have very good noses and ears, however, very poor eyesight. Thus, in order to get your hedgehog accustomed to you, you should repeatedly confront him with your scent and your voice. 2.Reward: Thanks to Pavlov we are familiar with the principle of Classical Conditioning. Pavlovs dog is the best known example: A dog gets food in conjunction with the blade of a bell. After a few repetitions only the simple sound of the bell activates the dog salivation. There nothing in the world that hedgehogs like better than mealworms. :) 3.Since your hedgehog has now accustomed to you and if you lucky even associates you with the reception of mealworms, you can now start to establish trust. When you at that point and your hedgehog has become used to you and also trusts you, you can take the next step. You now slowly turn him upside down onto his back while he in your hand. Lay him down on something soft and slowly move your hand towards his belly. Let him sniff it, so he knows it you and slowly start massaging his belly. Done! Your hedgehog is now tamed. #revolutionofcute #hedgehogeducation #hedgehogblog

TALKING POKEE @CoolerPress and I have created this hilarious video of Mr.Pokee with a voice! Be sure to check out the FULL video LINK IN BIO. (The ending is the best. Im excited to read your comments after youve watched the full video. So let me know what you think! I hope you like it! YouTube: Mr.Pokee the Hedgehog Facebook: Mr.Pokee Btw: You can submit your videos as well! @quickframe #coolerpress #quickframe #lovedailydose

Does your dog follow you into the bathroom? Here are three explanations why he does this.??

Chloe? The Mini Rescue Horse Resident and Pony President of Mini Miracles Horse RescueInstagram: @clipclopchloe

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Instagram: @aranzagalguera

3 horses, 3 completely different reactions? Instagram: @unipown

A Day By The Ocean, WOW!Vertrauenstraining by Deborah Brüchle Made by: Carina Maiwald • Photographer

"Miss Pickles is getting her first bath!"

Seemed like the perfect song to start the weekend #babykobasspasandhai #salmankhan #anushkasharma #bollywoodmusicvideos #bollywoodsong #bollywoodmusic #bollywoodvideos #bollywood

Seemed like the perfect song to start the weekend #babykobasspasandhai #salmankhan #anushkasharma #bollywoodmusicvideos #bollywoodsong #bollywoodmusic #bollywoodvideos #bollywood

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