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Happy #SaturdayMotivation friends. Come on mama, I'll lead the way! 😉👍🏼 @dogcelebration #dogsoftwitter #dogsarefamily

Happy #Saturday friends. Have a wonderful day everyone! Relax & Enjoy your weekend. 😊👍🏼☀️💕🍁

Things that make me smile... his quirky antics🐾😃 #doberman Happy weekend friends🍂

After the sleepless night... 😸⏰

Ready for the takeoff! 🐶 #WeekendVibes

Horses deserve better than being stuck in traffic, overworked in extreme temperatures, and stuck lugging tourists for 8+ hours a day. Please don't take carriage rides. 🐴💔

Getting dark earlier. Which is ok with me. I go to bed super early and up at 3:00am every day.

Let me take you back to when Cairo was 7 wks old & his bestie.. super thick Mr. Kitty was bigger than him🐾🐈 #doberman #TBT

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